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LG G Stylo

[Deal] T-Mobile LG G Stylo for $89.99

The T-Mobile branded #LG #GStylo is now selling through eBay for $89.99. This is a mid-ranged offering, so don’t be alarmed by the price tag. We usually see budget ranged smartphones being priced in this range, but the G Stylo is far from it. Unfortunately, the device is only compatible with T-Mobile’s networks, so other GSM

[Deal] Virgin Mobile LG G Stylo for $59.99

The Virgin Mobile #LGGStylo is available for just $59.99 on eBay today. The smartphone was originally launched back in May 2015, so it’s not the newest kid on the block. The handset comes with a rather large 5.7-inch display and is accompanied by a handy stylus as well, which makes this a pretty attractive proposition

[Deal] Boost Mobile LG G Stylo for $69.99

Boost Mobile’s #LG #GStylo can now be yours for a smooth $69.99. The deal comes via online retailer eBay, with Best Buy being the provider of the device. So you’re getting the device from a credible source here. The handset packs a budget-ranged hardware at best, but you probably guessed that by the price tag. Well,

T-Mobile LG G Stylo - LG Leon

T-Mobile sending out Android 5.1 for the LG G Stylo and the Leon

T-Mobile USA has officially commenced the rollout of Android 5.1.1 for the LG G Stylo and the Leon smartphones. These were midrange devices that were unveiled in May, so it has taken us a little by surprise, especially considering the fact that these are midrange offerings. The updates are sized at 429MB and 316MB for the G

T-Mobile LG G Stylo - LG Leon

LG G Stylo and Leon reaching T-Mobile shelves on May 20

LG and T-Mobile have just announced the arrival of the G Stylo and the Leon smartphones starting next week on the 20th of May. The former was announced recently and is capable of taking microSD cards of up to 2TB. Both are midrange devices and will appeal to a wide section of customers on T-Mobile’s

LG G Stylo

LG G Stylo can take up to 2TB of microSD cards

LG has just announced the G Stylo smartphone earlier today with a midrange hardware. The handset is also the first in the world to support microSD cards of up to 2TB, which was unheard of in the mobile industry up until now. Strangely, there are no microSD cards in the market of up to 2TB in