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LG Double Play

Unboxing & Quick Review Video: LG Double Play On T-Mobile

Anyone who’s been a fan or follower of thedroidguy for any amount of time knows we like to check out phones with unique form factors. The Kyocera Echo, the Droid Pro and the Pantech Pocket are all phones that may not have won the hearts of Android enthusiasts but were unique in their own right.

T-Mobile Brings Out 5 New Android Devices

On Wednesday T-Mobile started selling five new Android devices. The T-Mobile Springboard tablet by Huawei was originally rumored to be part of this Android release fest but it has been pushed back. The devices that did make it to magenta stores today are; The Samsung Exhibit II 4G, The LG Double Play, The Samsung Galaxy

LG & T-Mobile Announce The LG Double Play

The LG Doubleplay, a unique, dual screen form factored Android device has officially been announced by LG and T-Mobile. The Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) device features a slide out, split qwerty keyboard with a secondary display in the middle. This unique form factor allows users to simultaneously check email, web and social media at the same