LG Nexus 5 D821

LG Nexus 5 D821 shows up in Brazil’s Anatel

The LG Nexus 5 has made an recent appearance at Anatel, Brazil’s national telecommunications agency. Anatel is the equivalent of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in said country. Thus, the LG Nexus 5 listing is believed to be hinting at the impending arrival of the device in Brazil. LG Nexus 5 D821 The device specified

LG D821 Passing Through FCC Proof LG D820 is Nexus 5

There has been a lot of confusion regarding Google’s Nexus 5 smartphone over the past couple of days.  On Monday during Google’s unveiling of KitKat, a teaser video apparently hinted at a Google Smartphone LGD820 as the next Nexus (read about it here) and a few days letter rumor of a Nexus 5 had picked


LG-D821 appears at Bluetooth SIG, could be Nexus 5

A device called the LG-D821 has been spotted at Bluetooth SIG. It is believed that such product code is for the upcoming Nexus 5. This follows a leaked FCC certification document yesterday, which shows the product code LG-D820. Since the two codes are different, it is speculated that the two product codes pertain to two