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LG Avatarbook Smart TV app announced


LG is a world renowned manufacturer of gadgets and some of its product lineup include smartphones, washing machines and televisions. But LG is known to manufacture one of the best Smart TVs in the market today. Smart TVs are next generation televisions sets which are connected to the internet and have features which make it almost like a personal computer.

Samsung too makes smart TVs but LG has a reputation of making one of the best smart TVs in the market. These smart TVs run on an operating system or a mobile operating system which allows interested developers make applications for it. As a result, you will find many smart TV OS having their SDK kit made available to developers to create apps for the device.

LG avatarbook


Earlier, LG has announced its plan to launch an interactive app for children. Now, with an official press release, the company has launched LG Avatarbook, an app which would allow children to live the stories and short tales that they usually hear from their parents or at school.

But what exactly is an avatarbook?

In simple terms, LG avatarbook allows toddlers to become the main characters of their favorite cartoon or animated fairy tales displayed on the smart TV. The app allows your children to become the lead character of the story or the song enabling them to understand the story in a better way. The app will help toddlers’ engage in the age appropriate stories and fairy tales that they usually hear in a far more direct manner.

“Avatarbook is part of LG’s commitment to bringing child-friendly, interactive educational apps to its Smart TV platform” said Richard Choi, senior vice president of the Smart Business Center at LG Electronics. “As a medium, Smart TV has unlimited potential to really engage young learners in new and compelling ways. As a leading Smart TV manufacturer, we believe strongly the need to develop unique applications that the entire family can enjoy.”

LG has made sure that the app is easy to use and even children can directly use it without any help from parents. The app has a list of 10 songs and 5 stories in which a child can participate. Once you select a song or a story, the integrated camera will take a picture of your toddler and then use it as the lead character in the stories shown on the smart TV. You can choose from a variety of hair styles (20 in total) and can change the shape, size and contrast of the picture. Once you have done this, your child will be shown as the cute little main character of animated stories like Pinocchio, Aladdin and Alice in Wonderland.

You can have a look at this app later this month when it becomes available on the app store.

via LG News Room