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Lexar 128GB microSD

[Deal] Lexar 128GB microSD card for $44.95

Lexar’s 128GB microSD card is now available for a very reasonable $44.95 from eBay. This card is compatible with most modern day flagships and a handful of mid-ranged offerings, so the possibilities are practically endless with an accessory such as this one. If you don’t have a compatible phone, remember that this can also be

Lexar microSD 64GB

[Deal] Lexar high-performance 64GB microSD card for $19.99

Lexar’s 64GB microSD card is now available for a miserly $19.99 from eBay. You can even choose to get two 32GB microSD cards for about the same price, which is worth a look if you want multiple cards. To sum up, customers who are shopping for a new microSD card are in for a treat thanks

Lexar 128GB microSD card

[Deal] Get a Lexar 128GB microSD card for just $59.99

Let’s face it, microSD cards are a god send for devices that don’t offer a lot of internal storage. But these storage modules are certainly not cheap. But you can now get one for a fraction of the price via #Amazon, thanks to a new deal. Lexar’s 128GB microSDXC card is now selling for just $59.99