T-Mobile LG G Stylo - LG Leon

LG G Stylo and Leon reaching T-Mobile shelves on May 20

LG and T-Mobile have just announced the arrival of the G Stylo and the Leon smartphones starting next week on the 20th of May. The former was announced recently and is capable of taking microSD cards of up to 2TB. Both are midrange devices and will appeal to a wide section of customers on T-Mobile’s

LG - Magna, Spirit, Leon, JOy

LG unveils Magna, Spirit, Leon and Joy smartphones

Although LG might not have any flagship offerings to show off at next week’s MWC 2015 event, the company has revealed a flurry of midrange devices which will be showcased in Barcelona. Known as the Magna, Spirit, Leon and Joy, these smartphones will be launched in markets of Asia and Europe initially. The company is