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Best small (7-inch) Android tablets available today

Winter is coming, and with it, comes possibly the most fruitful time of the year for both electronics retailers and tech consumers. Yes, you can find compelling promotions on Android gear from January to December nowadays, as competition heats up, manufacturer profits shrink, and upgrade cycles are shortened. But the best deals on smartphones, tablets,

Top 10 Android smartphones capable of fingerprint recognition

Fingerprint scanners. Can’t have a flagship smartphone without one in this day and age, but the Android handhelds that do support the futuristic method of biometric authentication are often accused of shoddy, gimmicky execution. Even when done properly, the technology continues to stir up controversies, although Apple fans were very quick (and proud) to adopt

Moto 360 2nd gen

Second gen Moto 360 leaks out in a press render

The upcoming #Moto360 smartwatch has leaked out on multiple occasions, so its existence is not really a secret at this point. @evleaks has now jumped in on the action by revealing a press render of the wearable. The smartwatch comes with the same flat tire design that we saw with the first gen Moto 360,

Vibe P1 Pro - Top Back

Lenovo Vibe P1 Pro with a 5,000 mAh battery spotted yet again

The #Lenovo #VibeP1Pro has been part of the leaks for quite some time now, but never really saw an official release. It seems like the company is getting very close to showing off the device as we’re seeing hands-on images of the handset surfacing on a Chinese social media site. The key highlight of this

Moto 360 Lenovo

Lenovo executive spotted donning the second-gen Moto 360

The 2nd gen #Moto360 smartwatch is expected to arrive at the IFA 2015 event next month. We’ve already had a couple of sightings of the wearable before, but today we’re seeing the wearable being displayed by none other than the senior VP of #Lenovo, Chen Xudong. It’s not a secret that being the parent company

Motorola to absorb Lenovo’s mobile division

Ever since #Lenovo acquired #Motorola, there has been enough talk about what it could mean for the two companies. While it was widely believed that the two would co-exist simultaneously, a new report mentions that Lenovo Mobile will soon come under Motorola Mobility. This essentially means that all Lenovo phones could be sold using Motorola

Lenovo Vibe S1

Lenovo’s Vibe S1 smartphone could bring dual front cameras

We’ve seen manufacturers taking front facing cameras to the next level with the likes of the #HTC #DesireEye, the #Sony #Xperia C3 etc. It seems like Chinese manufacturer #Lenovo could up the ante even further by releasing a phone with dual camera sensors on the front. The culprit is said to be the Lenovo Vibe

Best Android-powered selfie smartphones: updated for June 2015

Typically, we’d wait a little more than nine months to bring an old listicle up to date. But Android device release cycles in general have shortened lately, and when it comes to trendy smartphones endowed with skillful front-facing cameras, a year changes everything. Even six months flip over selfie hierarchies, which is proven by the

Motorola Moto X 2015 preview and rumor roundup

It’s high time Motorola stepped up its game and stopped catering merely to cash-strapped audiences or power users on Verizon. That’s not only our view, and everyone else’s in love with the company’s unique designs, dedication to customization or stock, clean as a whistle Android. Lenovo’s big cats, including CEO Yang Yuanqing himself, have recently