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Motorola Project Ara is Nearly Complete

Dennis Woodside, the CEO of Motorola, confirmed this weekend that the Project Ara prototype is nearing its final stage according to Slash Gear. If this is true, then, it would present Motorola’s customers new customization options for their Smartphones. What is Project Ara? Project Ara is a collaboration between Motorola and 3D Systems, which is

Review: Lego App4+

Available On: Android Price: Free Download: Google Play | iTunes I don’t know if you’ve been looking for a game to install on your tablet or smartphone to fit your children’s likes or dislikes, but you may be interested in taking a look at a game made by the Lego Group called Lego 4+. It’s

The Lego Master Builder Program (CE Week NY)

Warning this has absolutely nothing to do with Android so if that’s going to upset you for some crazy unknown reason stop reading… Every geek loves Lego’s right? And while we all wish we had the Lego sets coming out now as a kid, at least many of us can live vicariously through our kids.