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Samsung Galaxy S4 Display Problem After Dropping

A new message about a Samsung Galaxy S4 display problem came in recently via The Droid Guy Mailbag which reads, “I accidentally dropped my Samsung Galaxy S4 to the floor. Now, I am experiencing some problems in its display like it occasionally turns off or I see some streaks coming out on the screen. How

How to Choose a Smartphone Guide Display

How to Choose a Smartphone Guide: Display

After talking about processors and storage options, we will now discuss Smartphone display. The display is another important aspect of a Smartphone since this serves as its input as well as an output device. Among the things that we will talk about in this part is the display size, resolution, PPI and several display technologies

Low cost LCD Galaxy Note 3 launching in November: Rumor

Back in August we began hearing rumors of a low cost variant of the Galaxy Note 3 being launched targeted towards emerging markets. The rumor has surfaced yet again courtesy of ET News. According to this new report, the smartphone will be launched in November in key developing markets. This could well be a water-resistant variant