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Google Offers App Now In Android Market

If you’re a hyper local based couponer (Grouponer for those not in the know) you’ve probably been craving Google Offers. Well great news for you, the Google Offers is now live and ready in the Android Market. With the Google Offers app you get hyper local offers, coupons, deals, whatever you want to call them.

Yelp Preinstalled On New T-Mobile Phones

Yelp mobile is now available for a select amount of T-Mobile smartphones. As of November 2nd, Yelp, the local service, business, and decision making released a statement saying it will now be preloaded on the Exhibit 4G and the myTouch family. In the second half of 2011, roughly 5 million monthly visitors, which were unique,

LocalMind Comes To Android

When we were at South By Southwest earlier this year we saw two really great apps, that unfortunately at the time, were iPhone only.  They were, Zaarly and LocalMind. Zaarly is the ultimate reverse Craigslist app and LocalMind was a different kind of location based app. Both have now come to Android with LocalMind reaching

Google’s LBS Google Offers Adds NYC And San Francisco

Earlier this year Google announced their Groupon competitor in their new Google Offers service. The service, which has been in BETA in Portland OR, is bringing both New York City and San Francisco on-line. Google Offers is another great Google product that will eventually be rolled into both Google Places and Google+ harnessing the power

Bizzy Makes Checking Out Social

When we first told you about Bizzy earlier in the year we knew that it was different. The foundation seems similar to others but what sets Bizzy apart is instead of “checking in” you “check out”. Sure ratings apps aren’t new but the way Bizzy does it is different and ¬†actually, more natural. Bizzy has

Verizon Wireless Adding Location Data Warning Stickers

While the iPhone and Android fan boys battle it out over who is sending more information back to California, the folks at Verizon Wireless have decided not to sit still and debate the matter any longer. It’s a fact of life that smartphones gather data and send it somewhere to have it do something to

Bizzy Encourages Former Whrrl Users To Get Bizzy

Localization deal experts Groupon recently acquired the personalization and location based business recommendation site, Whrrl, and announced that they were shutting it down. When Whrrl came on the scene they were a location based service that prouded themselves on the anti-search and used very precise algorithms to serve up recommendations.  Whrrl creator and CEO Jeff