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CES 2015 recap: All the new Android smartphones showcased in Vegas

Don’t let your calendars fool you. Even though the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show is technically scheduled to run through January 9, the glamorous unveiling festivities are very much over. And I know what you Android addicts are thinking. Man, this was a disappointing trade fair. No next-gen Samsung Galaxy S flagship, no LG G4, no

Just as Blackhat ends, Defcon starts in Las Vegas

We are in Las Vegas Nevada and we have just ended our time at Blackhat, next up it’s  Defcon. We were planning to give you coverage on Blackhat’s mobile track,  however whoever planned it forgot to mention to the speakers that they need to show up because they didn’t.  I was waiting anxiously for the

Coming To CES? Stay Connected With The CES App For Android

Are you using one of the 120+ Android devices released since CES 2010 last January? Well before you finish packing head on over to the Android Market or and download the official CES International App for Android. The CES International App for Android is packed with features. Enjoy the use of interactive maps to

Crickets Popping Up All Over Las Vegas For CES

Last month we wrote about Cricket’s new Muve Music service and how it was going to debut at CES. Well CES is here and so are the Crickets. Cricket has taken as many opportunities as it can to showcase this new attempt at downloaded music purchases straight to the phone, this time with an unlimited