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Larry Page: Android Activating 550k A Day; 10 Million On Google Plus

Google’s new CEO and Co-Founder, Larry Page was on Google’s second quarter earnings call today. Most of the news was very positive and we’ll recap that later. The biggest news was that, according to Page, Android is activating 550,000 devices per day. That’s up 50,000 devices per day from when Andy Rubin tweeted on June

SAI Receives Leaked Emails: Andy Rubin: Tracking Data Very Important

Business Insider has received some leaked emails from Larry Page that highlight how vitally important the location based tracking data is to Google. The emails obtained from Larry Page and other top Google Executives show that they need mobile tracking data to pick up where street view cars left off. Business Insider is reporting, via

Good Google Results For Q1 2011, Larry Pages First Call

Overall Google reported a good first quarter of 2011. Let’s remind you real quick that this was not Larry Page’s first quarter as CEO it was Eric Schmidts last.  The highlight of the call in terms of numbers to report was that Google saw an increase of 27% year over year. That 27% increase was

Beltway Reporting Eric Schmidt As Commerce Secretary Is A Done Deal

In most circles someone going from the title of CEO of Google, one of America’s largest companies, to secretary would be seen as a horrible demotion of some kind.  In Silicon Valley it’s not uncommon to see millionaire secretaries, but in the case of one Eric Schmidt we’re not talking about just any secretaries job.

Page Turning At Google

A week from Monday Google Co-Founder, Larry Page, will take over the day to day operations as CEO of Google.  Eric Schmidt will continue as the Executive Chairman which, from what we’ve learned, will be an ambassador type role where Schmidt becomes a top level spokesperson for Google. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that

Get Your Resumes Ready Google Expected To Hire 6200 This Year

Yahoo laid off 100 people yesterday, while today Google announced they plan on growing their workforce by hiring more than 6200 people. Literally on the heels of President Obama emphasizing the need for more jobs, Google, an open supporter of Obama, came to the table with the announcement that they plan on hiring more than

Dejavu At Google?Now Who’s Rewriting History

For the record many people saw our tweets and immediately tweeted back or emailed when they observed that we were saying “Eric Schmidt elevated to Executive Chairman”  while all the other media sites, except Mike Arrington at Tech Crunch, said that Eric was stepping down, fired, or demoted.  In the corporate world on the corporate

Eric Schmidt To Executive Chairman At Google Larry Page To CEO

Google just finished their Q4 earnings call with some big news.  Founding partner Larry Page will take the reins as CEO and Eric Schmidt will be elevated to the position of Executive Chairman. This comes on the heels of Schmidt’s just recently published piece in the Harvard Business review saying that all of Google’s strategic

Google Flexes it’s Muscle; Buys up Entire City Block in NYC

Tech journalists, Android journalists and Android enthusiasts thinking about moving to Mountainview California to be closer to the Googleplex, fuggedaboutit.  Google has closed a deal worth $1.8 billion dollars, purchasing an entire city block in New York City. Although they are keeping their campus at 1600 Ampitheater Parkway in Mountainview California, Googlers on the east