Google announces Q1 2013 earnings: $14 billion revenue

Google has announced its first quarter revenue and income, with $14 billion revenue and $3.35 billion net income. This is yet another increase in Google’s revenue, with a 31% increase year-on-year. Google has also made nearly half a billion extra net income this year, compared to last. This does seem to be rather uninspiring for

Zuckerberg bests Tim Cook, Larry Page in List of Highest Rates CEOs

Mark Zuckerberg topped the list of the highest-rated CEOs of 2013 in Glassdoor’s recently-published study. The Facebook CEO received a 99 percent approval rating, besting other heads of companies from various fields. Zuckerberg’s performance may be seen as impressive, given that during the month of May last year, the company’s stocks were quite unstable. One

Google Plus Is Two Parts: Social Spine and Social Destination

Google’s CEO Larry Page was prepared for reporter and analysts inquiries into the success of their social network Google+. There’s been great speculation on how well the social network is actually doing in terms of people who are using it every day. Google has made a couple bets on social networking in the past that

The Google+ Store

The tweet above is prominently posted on Buiness Insider’s homepage today. Once I saw it it got me thinking. Before I got sick I had an intense conversation with our editor at large Cameron Wright. He always takes the defensive on Google+. While I’m not a Google+ hater, I’m just a very casual user. Google

Android: 250 Million Devices, 11 Billion App Downloads

While Google may have missed their Q4 mark with Wall Street analysts, Android had a good report on the Google earnings call. Despite having double digit revenue, in the fourth quarter Google missed their per share target by $1.00. It was also revealed that almost all of Google’s revenue is coming from search. Of course

Google Misses Wall Street Mark With Q4 Earnings

Google’s CEO Larry Page and company announced their Q4 earnings today after the bell. Google’s overall earnings came in at $8.13 billion which was about $300 million shy of Wall Street analysts’ expectations.  Financial website Motley Fool had Google pegged at $10.49 per share, Google announced their actual earnings at $9.50 per share. On the

Google: Android Daily Activations Flat

I don’t understand how everyone else missed this news. Engadget reported live from the Google Music event today, the numbers that Google wanted us to hear about Android.  Google has now activated 200 million Android devices. This number is quite impressive considering we’re only 50 million less than Apple who has been around a year

Google’s Eric Schmidt Finally Joins Google+

Google executives have come under fire as of late for either not joining Google+ or using it sparingly. The concern of course is that Google+ is their own social network and Google is hoping to overtake or at least be uber competitive with their existing competitors. Google+ has been around since late June. Eric Schmidt,

Android Daily Activations Absent From Earnings Call

Google CEO Larry Page held the companies 3rd quarter earnings call earlier this afternoon.  Google did very well beating analysts for the very important third quarter. Page didn’t give a lot of information out about Android specifically.  He contributed revenues of $2.5 billion dollars to the free operating system.  Mum was the word on the

Google+ At 20 Million Users Now, Fastest Growing Social Network Ever

I can already envision the posters with words crawling across Larry Page’s face about the number of people on Google+. Reliable industry research firm ComScore has released numbers regarding the users on Google+, Google’s new social network.  According to ComScore’s findings Google+ has over 20 million members since their launch June 28th. Comscore used a

Google Kills The FireFox Tool Bar

New Google CEO, and Co-Founder, Larry page has been busy eliminating projects at Google that don’t fit with their current strategy. Ever since he took over in April he’s wanted to make sure that things at Google are streamlined. In fact he told the press members and analysts on Google’s second quarter earnings call that

Larry Page: Android Activating 550k A Day; 10 Million On Google Plus

Google’s new CEO and Co-Founder, Larry Page was on Google’s second quarter earnings call today. Most of the news was very positive and we’ll recap that later. The biggest news was that, according to Page, Android is activating 550,000 devices per day. That’s up 50,000 devices per day from when Andy Rubin tweeted on June

SAI Receives Leaked Emails: Andy Rubin: Tracking Data Very Important

Business Insider has received some leaked emails from Larry Page that highlight how vitally important the location based tracking data is to Google. The emails obtained from Larry Page and other top Google Executives show that they need mobile tracking data to pick up where street view cars left off. Business Insider is reporting, via

Good Google Results For Q1 2011, Larry Pages First Call

Overall Google reported a good first quarter of 2011. Let’s remind you real quick that this was not Larry Page’s first quarter as CEO it was Eric Schmidts last.  The highlight of the call in terms of numbers to report was that Google saw an increase of 27% year over year. That 27% increase was

Beltway Reporting Eric Schmidt As Commerce Secretary Is A Done Deal

In most circles someone going from the title of CEO of Google, one of America’s largest companies, to secretary would be seen as a horrible demotion of some kind.  In Silicon Valley it’s not uncommon to see millionaire secretaries, but in the case of one Eric Schmidt we’re not talking about just any secretaries job.