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Google’s Chairman hits back at “absolutely evil” comment from Larry Ellison


Larry Ellison recently did a TV interview with Charlie Rose, where he discussed Google patent wars, Apple under Tim Cook and Steve Jobs. In the patent discussion, Ellison described Google as “absolutely evil” and said Larry Page is “100%” the problem.

This is all to do with Oracle losing $6 billion a patent case for Java API’s against Google. The U.S. District Court said any API cannot be patented due to the structure of the API simply allowing two programs to communicate.

Ellison has a recent to be hurt and a bigger reason to be swinging the blame at Google and Larry Page in general, who is the CEO of the company and has all executive decisions, especially regarding big patent disputes.

Google Chairman Eric Schmidt has hit back at Ellison’s claims, stating that Google don’t just know they are right, they have the U.S. District Court ruling to show they are right against Oracle and that the patent battle is completely unethical.

Schmidt also went on to say this goes into a bigger issue about patent abuse and patent trolling and making change with the US Patent & Trademark system, possibly with a reform of how the US accepts and denies patents.

It does seem like a win for Google, despite Ellison telling almost everyone they have big problems with the “Google-guys”, the company is still able to use the API and there is nothing Oracle can really do about it.

The real issue now is Google and the NSA, recent reports from Edward Snowden claim Google and other technology companies received large sums of money to work on PRISM and Google has been trying to get in the US government pocket for quite some time.