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The Elephant Is Still In The Room, Android Tablets Failing, Forrester Backs That Claim

10 months ago I wrote a piece for Laptop Magazine that grew intense scrutiny on Twitter and even in the comments over at Laptop. The piece was titled “The Elephant In The Room: Android Tablets Failing”. How could I, Thedroidguy even say such a thing… gosh!

10 months later I use a Toshiba Thrive 10 inch every single day and a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 almost as much. Just about every member of my family has one kind of Android tablet or another, and yet as we are hours away from the iPad three launch, Android tablets are still failing.

Google and their manufacturer partners have so far been unsuccessful in replicating their phone strategy with tablets. The strategy, design them, build them, and push them out to the public, the end result should be more collective tablet sales sold than the iPad 3. With phones it was much easier.

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Motorola Exec Says iOS Security Is an Illusion

Motorola Mobility Executive Christy Wyatt spoke to a small group of journalists on Thursday and what came out of that meeting may be surprising.

The highlight of the discussion was that Wyatt said she believed that iOS security is an illusion.

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