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Sony Vaio Pro could have 25 hours of battery life



Sony has been doing well this year, their flagship smartphone has been one of the best on Android, the buzz for the PS4 is shadowing the Xbox One and the company seems to be revamping their lines and making really good looking and powerful products.

The Vaio Pro line is no exception and with the new Haswell processor from Intel, the company has added them into the new laptops. Haswell has two benefits, less battery consumption and better graphical fidelity.

Many reporters were surprised when Sony announced the 11.6-inch Vaio Pro could have up to 25 hours of battery life, almost four times the battery for a normal laptop.

To do this Sony is offering a sheet battery on top of the normal battery, allowing the user to extend the battery life from an average 11 hours to a incredible 25 hours.

This is a real step in the right direction and we are sure big power users and travellers will want the new sheet battery if they are looking for a new laptop model.

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