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Backplane Receives $1 Million Investment From Eric Schmidt and Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga has been getting more and more into the world of technology lately. Just recently, it was announced, that the pop singer is partnering with Eric Schmidt’s Tomorrow Ventures to invest at least one million dollars in a new start up company called Backplane, according to the New York Times. (more…)

Verizon Wireless Using Fake Lady Gagas And Justin Biebers In Response To Fake 4G/LTE

Earlier this week AT&T announced the first five cities where they would roll out 4G/LTE.  We knew that as soon as AT&T Mobility, CEO, Ralph de La Hoya (we mean De La Vega) put his boxing gloves back on and got into the 4G/LTE ring things would heat up.

You see how they did that? It was a perfect marketing move, go ahead and try to buy T-Mobile so Verizon looks away for a bit, build out a 4G/LTE network and BAM.  (ok well that’s not what really happened)

In response to AT&T’s 4G/LTE claims, as well as other companies like MetroPCS, Verizon Wireless hired a Guerilla Marketing firm called Left Communications, to do some awesome guerilla marketing.  What they did was have a Lady GaGa impersonator (seen above) and a limo filled with fans and paparazzi hang out in Tampa FL with signs saying “don’t be fooled by imposters”.  At the event pictured above even a Justin Bieber impersonator showed up to help the efforts.

Verizon Wireless, with the help of Left Communications, sent fans back to Verizon’s facebook page where they could pick up their photos with Lady GaGa and the biebs.  The fun continues today throughout Tampa Florida.


Zynga & Gaga Team Up For Upcoming Album

Today, Zynga and Lady Gaga announced their plans to form a partnership to launch Lady Gaga’s newest album “Born This Way” which is due to launch on the 17th of May. This first and one of a kind partnership will give Farmville players a chance to listen to the album songs exclusively when they visit “Gagaville”. As you probably have guessed by now “Gagaville” is a unique farm on Farmville that players can check out. The farm has everything from crystals, unicorns, and more. (more…)

Lady GaGa Pitching Android in Japan

Move over Andy, Lady GaGa is putting her selling power behind an Android handset for a Japanese carrier in the new ad seen below.

You may have seen the stories about Sprint’s great ad for the HTC Evo that features our favorite little green robot.  In that ad, Andy uses his jetpack style flying from headline to headline about the EVO.

This new ad, is fueled by the popularity of Lady GaGa around the world, especially in Asia, to endorse their Android Handset which is the Sharp ISO3 smartphone which recently became available on AU by KDDI.

In case you were wondering the Sharp IS03 comes with Android 2.1 a 3.5″ display and a whopping 9.6 megapixel camera.

Check out the commercial here:

Source: The Reformed Broker