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Rockstar Hit LA Noire Now Available For Android Via OnLive

If you’re into gaming and you’re not on the OnLive platform you’re missing out. OnLive’s cloud based gaming system is bringing huge hits with amazing game play to Android tablets and smartphones via the cloud. The service offers inexpensive games, free trials and games that you pay to play. There’s something for everyone.

The latest hit entry into the OnLive system is Rockstar Games console megahit LA Noire. The new LA Noire Touch Edition is built specifically for tablet play using OnLive’s system.

LA Noire is the first super hit of this magnitude to come to OnLive and they’ve done a great job of keeping authentic style game play, even on the tablet screen. If you already have LA Noire or LA Noire The Complete Edition through OnLive the touch edition is already there. If not you can get the touch edition for as low as $5.99

This isn’t the first RockStar hit to show up for Android, earlier this year RockStar released Grand Theft Auto III¬†via the Tegra Zone.

source: AndroidCentral