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Sprint Cuts Price For Kyocera Milano Already

Sprint’s newest entry level Android phone, the Kyocera Milano, was originally released just two weeks ago on September 8th.  Of course it didn’t get the huge fanfare that the “Android Community” gives a device like the Sprint Epic Touch 4G, but the Milano isn’t geared towards that group.

The Kyocera Milano, and phones like it, are geared towards customers that want a phone that does email, makes phones calls, texts and has apps.  This is definitely one of those phones. It’s also a power house messaging phone with a full sized qwerty keyboard that slides out.  The rest of the entry level specs include a 3 inch screen, 800mhz processor, 3.2 mega pixel camera and 512mb of RAM.

The upside to the Kyocera Milano is that it runs Android 2.3 Gingerbread.  Naturally we hope all Android devices sell well, and that’s probably why Sprint has already planned on reducing the price of the Milano to just $29.99 which is $20 less than the $49 original price tag.

If you know someone looking to lightly make the switch to Android, this may be the phone to consider.

source: Android Central Via Phonearena

Kyocera Entry Level Slider “Milano” Comes To Sprint September 9th

Well there you have it folks, Sprint is launching a phone September 9th and it’s not the Samsung Galaxy S II. The Samsung Galaxy S II will arrive at Sprint September 16th. What Sprint is getting is an entry level Android slider called the “Milano”.  No big magic show, no hocus pocus, no dual screen. However it does have a qwerty slider.

As Joe over at SprintFeed points out, people that want a phone that just does email, surfs the web and downloads apps, this is the ticket.

The Kyocera Milano looks to be a solid device for the entry level set.  Enthusiasts you’ll only have a week left to wait for the Samsung Epic 4G Touch once the Milano launches on the 9th.

Here are the specs:
Android 2.3 Ginerbread
3″ Touchscreen
2gb MicroSD card included, and of course supports up to 32gb microSD
800 mhz processor
512mb RAM/512mb ROM
1340 mah battery

This is also a 3G only device.  It will be in Sprint stores and retail partners next Friday!

source: Sprintfeed