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Has The HTC Evo 4G Finally Reached It’s End?

Android phones don’t typically have as long a lifespan as other smartphones. Apple for instance, only does one new phone a year. RIM/Blackberry comes in spurts, but they don’t put out new phones quite as quickly as Android. It seems these days that as soon as you get your Android device, the rumors for it’s

VIDEO: Thedroidguy Unboxes The Kyocera Echo On Sprint

When we first saw this phone in New York at the unveiling event we weren’t all that impressed. A lot of the journalists there were expecting a 3D super phone or something like that, however when we took a step back the concept behind the Kyocera Echo is actual pretty neat. The Kyocera Echo features

Sprint’s Kyocera Echo Magically Appears Before The FCC

You may remember back to February 7th in our little break between the holidays, new years, and CES and then of course MWC. We disrupted that great break for a quick jaunt to New York City to see David Blaine, Dan Hesse and the unveiling of the new Kyocera Echo. The world’s first dual screen

Sprint Launching Kyocera Echo Tonight

We are about 2 and a half hours away from what was the best kept secret in the industry. Last night sources tipped off Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal that today’s big Sprint announcement was the Kyocera Echo. The industry first part? It’s the first Android smartphone with a dual screen.  When fully opened