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Kyocera Brigadier

Best water-resistant and waterproof Android smartphones money can buy

For the first time in many years, mobile consumers seem to overwhelmingly approve of a next-gen Samsung flagship. The Galaxy S6 and particularly the S6 Edge are (almost) all they could have been, with metal frames (finally!), robust Gorilla Glass back covers, uber-crisp displays, powerful yet frugal processors, highly competent OIS cameras and smoother than

Kyocera Brigadier Photo Leaks Out, Headed For Verizon

Early this month @evleaks announced on Twitter that the Kyocera Brigadier would be arriving on Verizon. No further details were given about the device and it was not known then if this would be a featurephone or a smartphone. What’s known is that this will be another rugged phone just like the other offerings of