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5 Best Selfie Sticks For Galaxy Note 9

The world runs on selfies these days. Most cameras that are made are advertised as having special “selfie” modes for taking the perfect photo, whether it be on your own or with friends in the selfie — the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has an excellent camera — rear and front-facing — so you’ll be able to take great selfies. Sometimes though, even the best cameras just aren’t able to get the right angle or enough field of view to get everyone in the picture. With a selfie stick, you can attach your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to it and get a nice, wide angle shot. Some selfie sticks just aren’t worth trusting with your phone though — you certainly don’t want to break a $1000 device. So, which selfie stick should you pick up? Here are our top picks.

Selfie Stick For Galaxy Note 9

Mocreo 360

If you want one of the best selfie sticks on the market, we recommend picking up the Mocreo 360 — it’s been through a few revisions, so it’s better than ever. It connects up to the Galaxy Note 9 by way of Bluetooth, and will allow you to remotely take selfies from the button near the bottom of the selfie stick (so around the handle). This selfie stick works to maximize light with its 360-degree fill light rotation, so you should be able to take some really wicked selfies with this one. It supports all of the latest phones, so in addition to the Galaxy Note 9, it’ll work with most anything else.

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Selfie World 5-in-1 Stick

This is one of the better selfie sticks on the market because it requires no batteries. It’s actually able to draw enough power from your phone to power the selfie stick, too. Simply put your phone into the mount, plug the wire into your phone, and you’re ready to start taking selfies. As a little insurance, you get a rubberized grip around the handle. This keeps the selfie stick from slipping around risking you dropping it.

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Anker Bluetooth Selfie Stick

Anker makes a broad range of smartphone accessories — usually all in great quality. The Anker Bluetooth Selfie Stick is no different. Set your phone in the stand, connect the selfie stick up to it over Bluetotoh, and you’re ready to start taking selfies. It has some unique features that sets it apart from the rest of the crowd, such as being able to extend by a whole 29-inches. Extended at full length, you’ll be able to get all of your friends in the picture, as well as some of the scenery behind them, too!

You won’t be drawing any power to keep the selfie stick itself powered — it runs off of its own battery. A single charge is able to keep the selfie stick running for up to 20 hours. Charging it back up doesn’t take up too much time either. There’s an 18-month warranty included in the event that a part of the selfie stick breaks, which should never happen.

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Kungfuren Seiko

The Kungfuren Seiko is another great selfie stick on the market. It connects up to your phone by way of Bluetooth. That said, you’ll have to keep the Seiko’s battery charged to use it; however, Bluetooth technology means that you’re going to be able to use the remote shutter button to take your photos — it can extend really good as well. In its default state, you get 11-inches of length, but fully extended will give you a range of up to 32-inches. With this selfie stick, you can get a whole 50 hours of use out of this before having to charge again.

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MPow Selfie Stick

Last but not least, we have the MPow Selfie Stick. MPow is another manufacturer that makes a ton of phone accessories. They make a nice budget-level selfie stick as well. It is pretty basic, connecting up to your phone by way of Bluetooth to give you access to the remote shutter button. It can extend up to 32-inches, but does have a pretty plain design. It has a 270-degree adjustable head as well, so if you have a specific angle you want to take your selfie at, you can.

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As you can see, there are a lot of great selfie sticks on the market, not just for the Galaxy Note 9, but for almost any phone you might own. Whether you’re looking to get all of your friends in a selfie while keeping some of the scenery intact or you’re just looking for a better way to take pictures, there’s a selfie stick on this list for you.

Selfie Stick For Galaxy Note 9