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Koush shows off Android mirroring on a Chromecast: Video


Renowned developer Koushik Dutta, who is also affiliated with the CyanogenMod team has been working closely with Google’s Chromecast media dongle. He has now formally shown off his new hack which allows users to mirror Android on a Chromecast dongle. In a new video uploaded by Koush, he shows off how he can play Flappy Bird from his phone and mirror it to his television connected to a Chromecast.

The performance is not very impressive as there’s considerable amount of lag involved, so it’s not really meant for gaming. But if you wish to watch movies or read documents on a big screen, this could serve a very good purpose. The feature will soon be made available for public use, but there’s no ETA at this point. Thanks to a hack like this, users can convert their $30 Chromecast into an Android mirroring tool with relative ease. Fans are hoping that this feature will be added as an update to AllCast, but Koush hasn’t confirmed if that will happen.

Source: +KoushikDutta – Google+

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Carbon Backup App Now At Google Play

A couple of weeks ago a new backup solution for the Android platform was launched called Carbon. This app which is developed by Koushik Dutta aka Koush, who also developed the ClockworkMod Recovery app, is probably the best app backup and synch solution available for the Android platform today. The best part of this all is that you don’t need a rooted device for you to be able to use this.


Carbon- App Sync and Backup is now available for download at Google Play. There’s the free version and there’s also a premium version which will cost you $4.99. The free version lets you do backups on your SD card or your PC. The premium version gives you more features and does not include any ads. Some features available in the premium version are automatic backup schedules, Android to Android synch as well as cloud backup and restore. You will be able to use several cloud services such as Dropbox, Box and Google Drive.

If you own a Motorola Android device then you won’t be able to use this app. The developer explained that there is a bug in the Motorola system that breaks up Androids backup system. Until this is resolved by Motorola the app is unusable. The good news is that other Android devices running at least Android 4.0 will be able to use this.

Carbon allows you to easily backup your apps as well as app data to a local or cloud storage. Rooted devices will be able to do this easily while unrooted devices will need extra steps for this to be accomplished. Either way, it’s still simple and effective.

The reigning backup leader for the Android platform is Titanium Backup however the entry of Carbon makes it a good alternative for anyone that does not have a rooted device.

If you are looking for an easy to use and free backup solution then head out over to Google Play and download Carbon now which just recently got out of beta.

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Koush Stands Up For Hacker Community

When it comes to the Android developer/hacker community Koush is just as familiar a name as Cyanogen.  We recently ran a story on Koush was one of the first to unlock the unlockable bootloader for the Motorola Xoom.  Koush’s name is tied into some of the best hack work in the Android world.

Koush was recently contacted by Sony to see if he had any interest in joining their team at SCEA however Koush told them flat out no because of the way Sony is dealing with fellow hacker George Holtz. Holtz is known for his hacks on Sony’s PlayStation platform and has stated publicly that his intentions were to undo any security Sony implements in his products.

While Sony obviously sees the value in having a “professional hacker” on board they rather hold Holtz down with lawsuits that will cost millions to defend, and than out of the other cheek invite Koush in for an itnterview.

Bravo Koush (now go buy him a beer)

Source: Phandroid and Droid Gamers

Koush Roots Motorola Xoom Already!

Koush, a very well known Android developer, didn’t waste anytime after picking up a Motorola Xoom yesterday morning. He has already rooted the Verizon Wireless/Motorola’s flagship Honeycomb tablet.

He says on his blog that it wasn’t too difficult because it’s a Google Experience device. Koush provides detailed instructions for those of you that have adb and fastboot installed on your computer. Before linking over there remember that no one except for you is responsible for your device. If you agree to that click the link below and go right to the goodness on Koush’s own site, “My Brain Hurts”


Cyanogen Mod 7 Alpha Build Available for Nexus S


So you rushed out to Best Buy and have been patiently waiting a little over a week for some Rom Manager love. Well quick hurry check now.

Clockworkmod has reported via twitter that @Koush has posted an alpha build of CM7 to Rom Manager.

This is an Alpha build so be careful. Also please make sure you familiarize yourself with root, rom, mod and cyanogen before you attempt this at home as no one is responsible should you hurt something.

Source: twitter via androidcentral