Pantech Announces 5.9-Inch, 1080p Vega No. 6

Last week, it was rumored that the South Korea-based mobile phone maker Pantech, would be unveiling a new Full HD smartphone this week. Today, the company touted as the third-largest handset manufacturer in Korea took the wraps off the Vega No. 6 in its home country. The Pantech Vega No. 6 features a massive 5.9-inch

Samsung Reports Selling 1 Million Galaxy Note 2 Units In South Korea

Samsung has announced that it has already sold one million units of the Galaxy Note 2 in its home country, South Korea, three months since it was launched last September. Meanwhile, combining local and international sales, the phablet has already topped 5 million units in sales. The phablet was launched globally in October. According to

Samsung Expects To Rake in More Money With Big Fourth Qtr. Shipment

  Samsung will continue to rack up more money in the coming months following reports that the Korean tech giant has already scheduled a shipment of at least 61 million smartphones in the fourth quarter of 2012. According to UBS financial analyst Nicolas Gaudis, Samsung is expected to ship between 61.5 million to 63 million

64GB Nexus 10 Unveiled In A Samsung Korea Promo

There has been no indication or news on a Nexus 10 that would go beyond 32GB of storage, but it does appear that Samsung Korea may be getting ready to double up the max storage tier, which also means that we might be able to see a 64GB version in the Play Store before the

Korean Court Says Samsung and Apple Violated Each Others Patents

The Seoul Central District Court in Korea has ruled that Samsung and Apple have actually violated each other’s patents instead one violation the other. The end result of this is that both companies are completely banned from selling the violating devices in South Korea. This ruling includes the iPhone 4, iPad 2, the Samsung Galaxy

Korea: One In Four Mobile Phone Users Owns A Samsung Galaxy S II

According to information released on Samsung’s Korean website, which is home to Samsung Electronics, domestic (Korean) sales of the Samsung Galaxy S II have topped five million. After crunching the numbers, Android Central writer Alex Dobie, has concluded that one in four mobile phone owners in Korea are the proud owners of Samsung’s 2011 flagship

LG Introduces First LTE Tablet

We’re not sure why LG didn’t unveil this tablet last week at CES however on Tuesday LG announced their first LTE tablet.  Not only is this LG’s first LTE tablet according to LG it’s the first LTE tablet in Korea, where it will debut. The new Optimus Pad LTE will feature an 8.9 inch 1280×768