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CES 2015 recap: All the new Android smartphones showcased in Vegas

Don’t let your calendars fool you. Even though the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show is technically scheduled to run through January 9, the glamorous unveiling festivities are very much over. And I know what you Android addicts are thinking. Man, this was a disappointing trade fair. No next-gen Samsung Galaxy S flagship, no LG G4, no

Google, Apple to acquire Kodak Imaging Patents via merger

Two giant tech firms, Google Inc. and Apple Inc. are reportedly closing a merger deal in a bid to purchase more than $500 million worth of Eastman Kodak Company’s imaging patents. An unknown source disclosed that out of bankruptcy, the American multinational imaging and photographic services company, commonly known as Kodak  has decided to sell

Kodak all set to sell its imaging units

Kodak, the photography giant, is a very well-known brand. The company has been conducting bankruptcy proceedings for quite a while. For the first quarter of 2012, Kodak had reported a loss of whopping $366 million with total revenue standing at $965 million. The revenue has been down by 27 percent from the same quarter last

Kodak Loses Patent Case vs Apple, RIM

The U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) ruled out Friday, July 21st, that the patent claim filed by Eastman Kodak against Apple and Research In Motion (RIM) was invalid. A Kodak representative however, said it would appeal to the ruling in a bid to make a point as to the validity of the claims it made

Who’s Suing Who?

If it seems that everytime you read a tech blog or mobile phone site all the OEM’s are suing each other, that’s because they are.  As we know, the foundation for why Google is buying Motorola is found in the 17.000 patents they already have and over 7,000 patents that they have pending. Once Motorola