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Kobo Announces New Tablets Arc 7, Arc 7HD, and Arc 10HD

Toronto based Kobo is best known for their eReader devices that compete with that of Amazon’s as well as Barnes & Noble’s. The company has just announced that 3 new tablet models are set for release this coming October 16. Meet the Arc 7, Arc 7HD, and Arc 10HD. What makes them different from the

Kobo Arc Hits UK and Canada Markets

Consumers in Canada and the United Kingdom may now purchase the Kobo Arc tablet in stores. The same tablet is also on its way to France, where it is scheduled to be available starting Monday. Meanwhile, in the United States, the tablet has already made an appearance at the FCC, but the date when it

Kobo Arc Tablet Visits FCC

The Kobo Arc tablet has made an appearance at the website of the Federal Communications Commission, hinting at an impending launch in the United States. The tablet is said to be scheduled for launching this November, and will be priced at $200 for the 16GB model, $250 for the 32GB model, and $300 for the

Kobo Arc Tablet To Hit Stores In November

Kobo modified the Arc tablet even before the device even made it to market. Kobo initially announced that the tablet would be having 8GB or 16GB of storage capacity, and be priced at $200 and $250. Kobo’s latest press release, however, shows that the company decided to add more storage to the tablet. Thus, when

Kobo Releases Glo, Mini, and Arc E-Readers

Kobo launched three new e-readers to expand its product lineup just prior to Amazon announced its new devices. This is a strategic move on their part, especially since Kobo is not as well-known as companies like Amazon and Barnes & Noble are in producing e-readers. The Kobo Glo, Kobo Mini, and Kobo Arc are all

Amazon Blocking Competitors E-Reader Apps?

The Amazon Kindle Fire has been the best selling item to date on, that says a lot considering how long Amazon has been around.  Amazon’s Kindle Fire is the ultimate media consumption machine. It’s also been said that Amazon is taking a small loss on each Kindle Fire, hoping to recoup that money with

Aldiko Announces Aldiko Book Reader 2.0 For Android

If you’re looking for an e-book application and Kindle doesn’t seem to do it for you than you may want to check out the Aldiko Book Reader 2.0 for Android.  Over the past year Aldiko has actually become the #1 ebook reader for Android. The company has announced their 2.0 versions availability via the Android

Would A Borders and Barnes & Noble Marriage mean the Nookobo?

It comes as no shock that the sale of actual books is dwindling down every year. In fact the Border’s Group has been slowly closing down it’s boutique shopping mall stores in hopes to drive more customers to their stand alone big book boxes.  However with new e-readers coming out everyday and Amazon, Barnes and