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5 Best Cheap Soundbars For Under $300 In 2019

Soundbars are an excellent way to upgrade your sound setup on the cheap. However, there’s a point where soundbars aren’t much better than their cheaper counterparts. For example, a $500 soundbar is going to sound extremely similar to a $300 soundbar with very, very few differentiating factors. It’s always good to do your research before

5 Best 2.1 Speakers In 2019

If you’re looking to upgrade your audio game, then you might want to consider picking up a few speakers with 2.1 Channel audio. 2.1 Channel audio is generally a two speaker setup with a single subwoofer (everything before the “.” being the speakers and everything after being the amount of subwoofers). This works to provide

Klipsch X4i

[Deal] Klipsch X4i premium headphones for $35

You can now snatch up the Klipsch X4i in silver/black for just $35 courtesy of a new deal on eBay. Don’t be fooled by the price, however, as these are premium grade headphones that are being sold for a remarkable bargain. As you’re probably aware, Klipsch is a brand synonymous with premium headphones, so you’re

Klipsch X4i

[Deal] Klipsch X4i headphones for $44.95

An eBay retailer is now offering the Klipsch X4i for just $44.95. These are premium grade headphones that sell for around $150 usually, so you’re saving quite a lot here. The headphones come with an inline remote with a microphone, so music playback is not its only purpose. With something like the Klipsch X4i, you

[Deal] Klipsch R6i premium headphones for $29.99

The #Klipsch #R6i is now up for grabs at an unbelievable price thanks to an eBay retailer. These headphones which usually sell for about $80-90 is now available for just $29.99. This is a remarkable price for a premium pair of headphones such as this one, although it’s manufacturer refurbished. You will surely not find

Klipsch X4i

[Deal] Klipsch X4i in-ear headphones for $39.99

#Klipsch is one of the reputed names in the headphones market. You can now grab the company’s X4i in-ear headphones for a miserly $39.99 through eBay. This is a remarkable discount since its usual asking price is $149.99 (according to the listing anyway). If you’re an audiophile, you would know the importance of owning a