5 Best Kindle Paperwhite Case In 2019

Amazon’s idea with the Paperwhite was to give consumers as close to a book-like experience as possible in a digital format. They’ve achieved that in a lot of ways, even in design. But, if you want to take that book-like resemblance a step further, you might want to consider putting a case on the Paperwhite.

5 Best Kindle Fire 7 Case In 2019

In the market for an Amazon Kindle Fire 7? They are great little tablets — affordable, powerful, and have a massive ecosystem, thanks not only to many of Amazon’s services available, but their massive appStore, too. However, there’s only so much quality Amazon can pack in such a cheap tablet, so it’s no surprise that

Amazon Kindle

[Deal] Amazon Kindle e-book reader for $54.99

Amazon’s handy little eBook reader can now be yours for just $54.99 courtesy of a new deal on eBay. The Kindle usually sells for about $75-80, so this discount isn’t much, but a handy one nonetheless. The retailer is offering the 6-inch Kindle here, which comes with 4GB of internal storage as well. This should

Amazon Kindle Oasis

Amazon launches Kindle Oasis with charging cover for $289.99

#Amazon has just unveiled the #KindleOasis as a successor to the popular Kindle lineup of eBook readers. This particular model is slightly expensive, though. At $289.99, the Oasis is the most expensive black & white Kindle available out there, although Amazon is justifying the pricing with the addition of a couple of handy new features.

Kindle Fire HD 7

Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7 (8GB) selling for $79 [Deal]

The Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7 is now available for just $79, which is the lowest price we’ve seen on the tablet so far. The pricing is valid for the 8GB model of the tablet, so you don’t get a lot of onboard storage with the device, but it’s still a pretty good deal. The

Amazon to drop the Kindle name from its Android tablets

Amazon’s range of Kindle Fire tablets will now be known as just Fire tablets in a bid to unify the device with the Fire TV and the Fire Phone. Since the first Kindle Fire tablet was launched, there has been some confusion among the customers over the company’s standalone eBook readers and Android tablets. This

Amazon and Samsung team up to offer custom Kindle store to Galaxy owners

Samsung’s marketing department might be taking some funny jabs at Amazon’s Kindle tablets, but when it comes to business, the two companies have decided to join hands. Amazon has announced that it is releasing a custom-built Kindle book store for Samsung’s Galaxy devices, starting with the Galaxy S5 and later for existing smartphones and tablets

New FAA Mobile Policy Prompts one day Kindle Sale from Amazon

To celebrate the new FAA mobile policy that allows electronic mobile devices to be powered on through all stages of flight, Amazon are putting their Kindle tablet range up on a one day sale today. The 7 inch variants for the Kindle Fire HDX, Kindle Fire HD and Kindle e-reader tablet will all receive a 15%

Can Amazon save HTC from its troubles?

Amazon has been rumoured to be working with HTC in making a line of smartphones. The ecommerce giant is well-known for its Kindle line of tablets, which are based on Amazon’s fork of Android. Amazon is one of the few well-known manufacturers to fork Android and make its own version, one in which Google’s services


Amazon denies reports of free smartphone program

Amazon has replied to rumors they would be developing a free smartphone, saying that these rumors are false and the company is not preparing to launch a smartphone any time this year. The rumor did shock some, since Amazon is known for taking cheap routes into markets and hitting big with software, applications, services and


Amazon AppStore will now offer web apps

Even though the Amazon AppStore is essentially just another app on the Google Play store, the e-commerce giant want to make sure they have developers making experience just for their apps store. Amazon will now allow HTML5 apps onto the AppStore, pushing for more web developers to create apps native to the Android platform, that

Metal Amazon Kindle Fire HD 2 to arrive in August

Amazon will introduce a new Kindle Fire tablet with a metal housing in late August or early September, according to a report from Tech Kiddy. Citing Taiwanese supply chain sources, the blog claims that the launch will involve three fresh Kindle HD 2 tablets with the aforementioned housing to update the present tablet lineup. Given


Barnes & Noble will give Nook line to third party manufacturers

Barnes & Noble will be spinning off Nook’s in house manufacturing development. This is not the end for Nook, Barnes & Noble will look for third party licensing deals, to make sure they don’t lose money on the physical side. Books are still a valued commodity, Amazon is doing incredibly well with the Kindle line,

Amazon DX

Amazon bringing back the Kindle DX

Amazon is reported to have plans on bring back the Kindle DX which is the much larger version of their standard Kindle, the DX version of the Kindle was discontinued late last year. The device has come back and is up for sale on Amazon but it not on the Kindle front page, Amazon haven’t

Amazon Adds Additional TV Shows To Prime Instant Video

Amazon, looking to further improve its Prime Instant Video service, has signed deals with several major networks, which has allowed Amazon to reel in a few extremely popular shows from A&E, History, Bio and Lifetime. With the addition of these networks, Amazon claims that their content availability is now within 33,000, which is all available

Barnes & Noble Announces New Tablet Lineup

Amazon recently announced their entire new tablet lineup only a couple of weeks ago, and even launch a few new HD versions of their tablets just recently. With that said, Barnes & Noble is trying to stay in the competition and to do that, has just announced two new additions to the Nook lineup. The

Sony Xperia Tablet S Now Shipping In The United Kingdom

Sony’s new tablet device, the Xperia Tablet S was just announced last week at IFA 2012 in Berin, Germany. The device is now available for purchase in the United Kingdom only (for the time being). This second-generation device of Sony’s tablet lineup is the first to boast of Sony’s Xperia branding, which is probably a

Amazon may announce a smartphone today

There’s a rumor spreading across the web which suggests that Amazon may be developing its own smartphone, and a trusted tipster has apparently confirmed this news with The Verge. According to the sources, the handset has not been finalized yet, however, the company will publicly announce the device at its press conference which is going to