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Smartphone “Kill Switch” Gains Ground As Major Companies Support It

A new program called the “Smartphone Anti-Theft Voluntary Commitment” is gaining ground as Apple, Google, Samsung and Microsoft, as well as the five major US carriers have pledged their support to it. What this program does is it basically allows a “kill switch” feature to be included in a smartphone allowing the owner to activate

Smartphone “Kill Switch” Proposed By New Federal Law

The rise in the number of mobile device theft all across the United States has prompted several Senators to introduce a smartphone kill switch on the federal level. This past Thursday, a proposed law called the Smartphone Theft Prevention Act was introduced by Democratic Senators Barbara Mikulski (MD), Amy Klobuchar (MN), Richard Blumenthal (CT), and

California Legislators Announce Smartphone “Kill Switch” Bill

Smartphone and tablet theft has become a serious problem that legislators in California have announced a proposed legislation (Senate Bill 962) that will require a mobile device to have a built-in “kill switch” to render it unusable in case it gets stolen or lost. If everything goes according to plan the law will take effect

The smartphone kill switch: Pros and cons

Have you ever lost a mobile phone? Or, worse, have you had a mobile phone stolen from you? I have experienced being pick-pocketed firsthand, although I was able to recover the device later on. It wasn’t a pleasant experience, and I made sure to better secure my devices from that point on. With tracking apps