5 Best Android Messaging Apps In 2020

The best android messaging app stock on many smartphones just aren’t up to par sometimes. With Samsung phones, often the messaging app will error out and put you in a continuous loop of errors, unable to receive or read your text messages. LG has had this problem before as well, and some phones just don’t

The best Android messaging clients of 2013

This year saw a lot of new instant messaging clients rise to the fore on Android, with each client offering a set of unique elements that distinguishes it from the rest. Let’s take a look at some of the best and fastest growing messaging clients: WhatsApp With a total user base of over 350 million,

More Users Choosing Instant Messager Apps Over SMS

Mobile carriers have been weary about the ever growing popularity of Instant messaging apps over the past few years by offering special deals that include unlimited texts. It seems that all of the deals in the world couldn’t prevent the this out come from happening. SMS losing out to IP-based Services  In 2012 19 billion

Plaintiff’s In Mobile App Privacy Suits Seeking Class Action

Earlier this year when Path came under fire for uploading the entire contents of users mobile address books (contacts) to their private servers, it launched a myriad of individual lawsuits. This week we’re hearing that 13 of those plaintiffs are seeking to build a class against a group of well known apps. The new class

Kik Goes Developer Friendly With Open API For Instant Content Sharing

Kik Messenger, one of the most well known multi platform messenger apps released their open API last month so that developers can  “bake” instant content sharing into any application via Kik’s messenger platform which is millions of members strong. Kik has updated their iOS and Android messenger apps with an app discovery/sharing service. Kik’s app