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Samsung Galaxy S4 Wi-Fi Disconnects During Sleep

How to Restore Galaxy S4 Firmware After Failed Kies Update

If Kies fails on an ongoing update and you are having trouble recovering the firmware or the operating system of your Samsung Galaxy S4 using the emergency firmware recovery, you can use the method on how to restore Galaxy S4 firmware which will be discussed here to successfully reload your OS. Be warned though that

How to fix Galaxy S5 SD card corruption issue, other issues

We continue to receive #GalaxyS5 assistance requests from our readers around the world so here’s another post that provides solutions to some of them. Below are the specific topics discussed in this material today: How to fix Galaxy S5 SD card corruption issue Galaxy S5 lost Whatsapp messages from Kies backup Galaxy S5 screen showing

Mobile data not working on Sprint Galaxy S5, other issues

Hi everyone! Welcome to another #GalaxyS5 post that covers 5 problems. For more Galaxy S5 troubleshooting, don’t hesitate to visit this page. Galaxy S5 cannot install Lollipop update via Kies Mobile data not working on Sprint Galaxy S5 How to recover Galaxy S5 files from corrupted SD card Galaxy S5 volume is very low when

Samsung Kies

Samsung working on a major revamp of the Kies desktop software

Samsung is reportedly working on overhauling the Kies software which is used to connect Samsung smartphones to desktops. While this software is seldom used, the company clearly has faith in it and would want to ensure that the new version draws more users towards it. There’s no word on what Kies 4 will bring, but

Unstable Galaxy S3 Wi-Fi

What to Do if Kies Can’t Detect Galaxy S3

If you are experiencing the Kies can’t detect Galaxy S3 issue, this article will provide you the solutions that have worked with several people experiencing the problem. Possible Ways to Fix the Kies Can’t Detect Galaxy S3 Problem Here are the methods to fix the Kies can’t detect Galaxy S3 issue according to several Android

Galaxy S Relay 4G Receives Update via Kies

The Galaxy S Relay 4G from T-Mobile hasn’t been out very long, but it is already receiving an update to fix a few issues on the device. The new update is going to bring the Galaxy S Relay 4G up to firmware version T699UVALJ1. It will fix two issues on the device. The first issue is

Finally! Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Is Mac Friendly

Earlier this week we wrote up what we had to do to get files onto our Google I/O Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.  It involved copying files from our macbooks and putting them onto a hard drive, moving them to our windows computer (Maingear) and syncing via kies that way. Today our friends at lilputing are

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Still Not Computer Friendly

When we first got the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 LE at Google I/O in May we noticed that we couldn’t use the Honeycomb Android File Transfer on our in house Macs to recognize the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 We thought for sure after the US release date on June 8th and the subsequent upgrade to