Ouya delayed until June 25

Ouya, the company responsible for the very successful Android console Kickstarter, has announced they have had product delays. The Ouya console was expected to come early June, but this has been pushed back to June 25. Ouya still is confident they can get all consoles out to backers who paid for the Kickstarter project out before May

Mini MicroSD Reader for Android Gets Kickstarter Support

Not all Android devices are created equally. For starters some models have a microSD card slot while some don’t.  The problem arises when you have a microSD card that you would like to use on your device that does not have a MicroSD slot. Two engineers from San Mateo, California have come up with a

Kickstarter-backed GameStick console is now available for pre-order

GameStick, the console whose development was backed by the crowdfunding website Kickstarter, is finally available for ordering. PlayJam, the team behind GameStick is selling the device with a price starting at $79 for the standard bundle via an Amazon-powered pre-order service. Meanwhile, the GameStick Dock retails for $24.99 and the GameStick case for $9.99. According

GameStick Bases Final Design On Backers’ Suggestions

With only a few days left until its Kickstarter project ends, GameStick has already amassed a sum of $554,471 from its 4,947 backers. This is much higher than its goal of $100,000 goal. After many hours of deliberation and adjustments, GameStick’s developer revealed the controller’s final design, which is based on suggestions sent in by

GameStick: Kickstarter Funded Android Based TV Game Console

The market for an Android based gaming console hasn’t been fully tapped yet. Take the case of Ouya which is the first Android gaming console. The device is so successful that they overshot their target at Kickstarter and have now delivered the dev consoles to game developers. The consumer versions of Ouya will be delivered

Ouya Android Gaming Console Up Close And Personal

Last week the dev console versions of Ouya began shipping out to Kickstarter investors. This Android gaming console which is expected to ship out in March for $99 is quite unique since it is a crowd funded project which has its roots over at Kickstarter. A total of 1,200 units were shipped out and some

Kickstarter Project Falls Prey To Apple’s Policies?

With the increasing number of smartphones, there are bound to be a lot of third party accessories for them. Especially for Apple products where accessories are sold for a premium price. And with the introduction of the new lightning connector, Apple moved away completely from the traditional 30 pin dock connector which was standard for

Kickstarter Releases Hardware and Product Design Project Guidelines

One of the criticisms that crowd-funding or crowd-sourcing websites receive is that backers, have hardly any assurance that they would be getting their money back if the product for which they have pledged their support fails. Kickstarter, a large crowd-funding website, responds to this concern by releasing a statement titled “Kickstarter Is Not A Store.”

Planetary Annihilation Gets New Kickstarter Stretch Goals

The Planetary Annihilation’s Kickstarter drive has taken on the speed of light. They’ve asked for $900,000 to finish their game, except $1.3 million has been pledged already. They’ve surpassed their goal and as a result we’ll be getting gas giants and improved orbital units added to the game. Uber Entertainment, the developers of the game,

Broken Sword Surpasses Kickstarter Goal, Company Aims For $1M

Remember that Kickstarter project that would find a new Broken Sword adventure game that went live only a couple of weeks ago? Yeah, it hit the $400,000 target already. That doesn’t mean it’s time to stop funding the game though! In fact, the developers have said if they reach the $1 million mark, it will

BERO Open Source Robot Asking For Funding On Kickstarter

A very small startup established in New York city, Reality Robots Limited, has announced a brand new Kickstarter project with the goal to create a “multi-motor-wireless-animated-mobile-robotic-toy-platform.” The device has been called “BERO,” and to control it Reality Robotics is planning to create a open source application that will run on the Android operating system. This

Really? KickStarter Project Started For iPhone Emulator For Android

A developer named Chris Wade has started a kickstarter project to hopefully develop an iPhone emulator for Android and other devices called iEmu.  If you’ve ever been interested in running iOS or iOS apps on your Android device than this may be something you want to check out. If you’re not familiar with kickstarter, it