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Pressy hits $500k on Kickstarter with 28 days to go

With more Android manufacturers removing or changing the physical buttons on their smartphone, Pressy is a new idea on how to reach all the important apps with one or two clicks. The Kickstarter has shown the want from Android users for more physical keys. Pressy fits inside the headphone port and users can click the


Ouya CEO hits back at controversy surrounding Free The Games Fund

Ouya’s Free The Games fund started a few months ago, this was created to fund indie developers on Kickstarter through the $1 million in funding Ouya had acquired. The two rules were the game had to be exclusive to the Ouya console and it had to raise over $50,000. If the Kickstarter succeeds, Ouya would match the

Pressy Kickstarter Campaign Hits 300k in three days

The minds behind Pressy, an attachable physical button that can be added and programmable to open any Android app with a press, originally asked for a fair $40 thousand on Kickstarter, but since then funding for it has exploded. So far, the total funding for the device is very close to $300k, and with a huge 47

Omate TrueSmart: The Water-Resistant Standalone Smartwatch

You’ve probably heard the news about most of the major manufacturers about to release their smartwatch models. These devices do more than just tell the time as they can connect to smartphones giving them additional features. It is expected that there will be an increased demand for this type of wearable device in the coming

TREWGrip Mobile QWERTY Makes Smartphone Typing Easy

Sending out short messages using the touch screen of a smartphone is relatively easy. It becomes difficult when trying to compose lengthy messages. Imagine trying to send out a one page, four paragraph email message using only a smartphone. It’s going to take a lot of time not to mention the typing errors that occur.

Buccaneer affordable 3D printer campaign launches on Kickstarter

Buccaneer is a pocket-friendly 3D printer designed with home consumers in mind. A project by the Palo Alto, California-based Pirate3D Inc., the Buccaneer started seeking for support from backers on May 30. Pirate3D set out for a goal of $100,000, but in just a day, it had received $275,794 funds of support, with 29 days

Projecteo projector showcases your Instagram shots on walls

Projecteo, the miniature Instagram projector that achieved crowdfunding success last year on Kickstarter, is now available for purchase. To enjoy Projecteo, one needs to go to Projecteo’s website, connect with Instagram, and choose nine photos. Projecteo converts these digital images into a custom wheel of Kodak 35mm slide film. The Projecteo team then sends to the user

Darkmatter Xbox Laptop lets you unleash your DIY skills

The Darkmatter Xbox laptop gives users with something that few device makers can offer: the pride of assembling your own device. That said, those who prefer to not go through assembling the Darkmatter may order a pre-assembled device, instead. Created by the  Austin, Texas-based startup Techjango, Darkmatter boasts of being the first open source Xbox laptop


Ouya delayed until June 25

Ouya, the company responsible for the very successful Android console Kickstarter, has announced they have had product delays. The Ouya console was expected to come early June, but this has been pushed back to June 25. Ouya still is confident they can get all consoles out to backers who paid for the Kickstarter project out before May

Mini MicroSD Reader for Android Gets Kickstarter Support

Not all Android devices are created equally. For starters some models have a microSD card slot while some don’t.  The problem arises when you have a microSD card that you would like to use on your device that does not have a MicroSD slot. Two engineers from San Mateo, California have come up with a