Kickstarter - Android

Kickstarter releases a new app for Android

The #Kickstarter crowdfunding site now has its own #Android app. The company made the official announcement on its site with the app making its way to the #Google #PlayStore. The app lets you back projects and interact with projects that are currently active and the ones that have been backed by your Kickstarter friends. An app for Kickstarter

Salt Card

SALT Card brings a whole new level of security to your smartphone

We have seen several smartphone companion accessories launching in the market, but nothing quite as unique and innovative as the SALT Card. This project which has just gone up on Kickstarter aims to bring an all new level of security to their smartphones. The card which is the same size as your conventional credit card, comes with Bluetooth

Odin Is An Android Projector That Fits In Your Pocket

Dos Owls has launched a campaign over at Kickstarter to fund the creation of an Android powered projector that fits in your pocket. Well, that is if you have a large pocket. The device itself is compact and can basically be described as a mini Android PC with its own projector. The aim is to

LazeeEye Turns your Android Smartphone Into A 3D Camera

Do you want to add a cool new feature to your Android smartphone? Why not make it into a 3D camera? Just attach a hardware ad-on called LazeeEye and you’ll be able to capture 3D images in no time at all. This device which is conceptualized by Massachusetts-based tech consultancy Heuristic Labs allows users to

Cliq Is A Smartcase For Android Smartphones

Just when you thought that smartphone cases couldn’t get any better a new one designed to take advantage of the NFC functionality of Android smartphones is about to hit the market. Meet Cliq, a smartcase that can shortcut just about any function of a smartphone. It has three buttons at the back which can be

Legion Meter Charges Your Smartphones 92% Faster

One of the best ways to charge a smartphone is by using its charger. The second best way is to plug the smartphone to your laptop via the USB port. The latter method however is a much slower way of charging and takes too much time. A new device called Legion Meter aims to solve

What do you think of Xiaomi’s Pressy clone, ‘MiKey’?

Xiaomi has announced an add-on accessory button that plugs into the phone’s audio jack. If this sounds familiar, then you may have already heard about Pressy, an earlier successful, but yet-to-ship, Kickstarter campaign that essentially does the same thing. Here are our thoughts on the matter. In August last year, a startup called Pressy launched

Equiso Play Is An Open Source Console For Android Gaming

There are already quite a couple of Android gaming consoles out in the market today such as the OUYA and the Mad Catz M.O.J.O. to name a few. These devices offer an alternative gaming platform that is considered cheaper than the Xbox or PlayStation consoles. Equiso Play is another upcoming Android gaming console that aims

GuardianRom Aims To Secure Your Android Device

One of the top concerns when dealing with mobile devices today is security. People want to be assured that the information stored in their smartphones or tablets are safe and secure. This however has become quite a challenge as newer threats emerge every day. This is the reason GuardianRom was created. GuardianRom is a secure

USB2Go Is A Micro USB Dev Board Powered An Android Smartphone

Those who love to tinker around an experiment with the Android hardware system will definitely be interested with the USB2Go. It’s a small USB development board designed for use on the Android system. By plugging it directly to the micro-USB port of the smartphone, developers won’t have to worry about powering up the device. No

Table Zombies Is A Unique Augmented Reality Game

Are you looking for a game to play on your Android device that’s unlike any other? You might want to check out the new title of SRG United Solutions, a company based in Australia,  called Table Zombies. Unlike other zombie related games where you tap on your screen to shoot the zombies this one is

Soap Is an Android Powered Router With Touch Display

Setting up a home wireless network can sometimes be a tedious process. Aside from making sure that the modem and the router are linked you also have to configure your router’s security and access policies to ensure that your devices can connect properly. When you buy a router what you will usually get is a

Jump Is A Smartphone Charger That Charges Itself

As smartphones become more powerful they also consume a lot of power. If the battery of a particular devices does not carry a large amount of charge (indicated by the mAh value) then it’s going to get drained easily at the end of the day. You will then need to charge your device with its

Snooperscope Gives Night Vision To Mobile Devices

Have you ever wanted to see what goes on in the dark even without the lights on? You could do this by getting some night vision equipment or you could use your existing mobile device by attaching an accessory that allows you to see in the dark. Meet the Snooperscope, an accessory that allows you

Moment Is A High Quality Clip-On Smartphone Camera Lens

One of the best features of smartphones is that it allows anyone to easily snap photos (selfies) which can easily be uploaded to any social sites.  The thing though is that if you are looking for high quality photos then your smartphone must have a good camera and devices such as these usually come at