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Possible Japanese version of the LG G3 leaks out

The LG G3 isn’t breaking cover until June this year, but possible variants of the handset are already making their way to the rumor mill. This new smartphone that you see above is reportedly launching on Japanese carrierĀ au by KDDI. The smartphone is known as the LG isai, which is most likely a code name

Au Infobar A02 Launches In Japan

The newest model of the Infobar smartphone was unveiled this Thursday in Japan and is expected to hit the Japanese market by the middle of February. This line of smartphone is designed by famous product designer Naoto Fukasawa and is best known for its unique design. This time around, HTC has lent a helping hand

New HTC J Headed To Japan With Beats Audio In Tow

Despite HTC saying publicly that they were going for quality not quantity in 2012 we have now heard of yet another HTC Android device preparing for a market release. This time it’s the HTC J. The J is heading to Japan with mid to high range specs. Our friend Edgar at Phandroid, likens it to

Japanese Carrier KDDI Sending Ads Through Notification Bar

Japanese Carrier KDDI has started a new form of advertising that has people in an uproar. They are using Android’s notifications bar to push ads to Android devices. The service is opt out which means that a customer gets it regardless of whether they want it or not, and then can decide to opt out.