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ZTE Shows Off First Nvidia Tegra 3 Android Tablet

Chinese manufacturer, ZTE, unveiled their Android tablet called the T98 at the PT/Expo Comm China in Beijing.  Although the name of the tablet is a little mundane what it’s packing under the hood is raising eyebrows. Apparently ZTE, and not one of the bigger named OEM’s, has the first Nvidia Tegra 3 (Kal-El) processor onboard

Does Nvidia’s Quad Core Kal-El Processor Have A Fifth Core

Our good friend and hockey buff Ina Fried over at AllthingsD reported a doozey of a story today for those anxiously awaiting the arrival of tablets and Android phones featuring Nvidia’s new quad core “Kal-El” processor. According to Nvidia’s own reports Fried has reported that the quad core processor actually has a fifth core.  Nvidia