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Epic Pirates Story Android Game Review

No, this isn’t a game developed by Kairosoft which most people mistake it for because of the Story tag on its title. Epic Pirates Story is in fact created by a Bulgarian based studio called Epic Devs. This game is inspired by Kairosoft titles such as Epic Astro Story and Grand Prix Story. Epic Pirates

For The Casual Gamer: Mega Mall Story

Kairosoft has been one of my favorite developers on Google Play for quite some time now. They created a previous title that I reviewed called “Game Dev Story,” which was a game where you took on the role of a Game Developer and basically simulated what the life of a Game Development Company was. It

Review: Game Dev Story – Simulating a Game Development Company

Available On: iOS, Android Price: Free, $2.50, $3.99 on iTunes Download: Google Play | iTunes Ever wanted to know what it was like to own your Game Development Company and rise through the ranks as Blizzard Entertainment or Rovio has? Ever wanted to mange your own staff? Make millions of dollars? Show off your game