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FCC Releaes Report On AT&T/T-Mobile Merger Despite Withdrawal

The proposed AT&T/T-Mobile merger came to a head over the Thanskgiving holiday weekend as AT&T and Deutsche Telekom withdrew their application for merging from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Just as many American’s were preparing for their Thanksgiving weekend, FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski had requested that the merger go to an administrative hearing by the

CTIA Live: FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski

9:32 mobile broadband is now a commodity 9:36 Genachowski talked about 5G coming 9:37 too many Americans don’t have broadband. 67% of Americans have broadband as opposed to Singapore that has 90% 9:41 Genachowski hasn’t said anything significant yet..meh 9:42 US is undisputed leader in mobile innovations. Smartphone outsold PCs in 2010 by a landslide