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App Spotlight: 8tracks

In decades past, when ipods were yet to be created and the mp3 was yet to be dreamed up, there existed the mix tape. It was a way to listen to the music people wanted to hear in a way that was completely in their control. In other words it was musical freedom, a way to

App Spotlight: Fuugo Video

There are many ways to make the time on the clock go by just a bit faster. One of the more popular ways to do this is to watch video clips and movies on your phone. However, there are many services out there attempting to do this separately, offering you some but, not necessarily all of

App Spotlight: Any.DO

With Thanksgiving coming, it is important to be able to keep track of all the things that need to be done. Put in some proper prep work and your Thanksgiving doesn’t need to be as chaotic as the ones of yesteryear. To help keep your family on track you can try many things. Giving everyone grocery or

App Spotlight: ShopAdvisor

With holiday shopping now in full swing, a prudent consumer will try to get as much help as they can. This includes such age-old customs as looking through sales flyers and catching a deal on TV. However, with technology ever-moving forward, a prospective holiday shopper can add using mobile apps on their hand-held to that

App Spotlight: Walkie-Talkie

Speed is an all-important part of communication these days. It is not necessarily, how well one can articulate what needs to be said it’s how fast one can convey it. With that in mind, many app developers have come out with new ways to communicate such as voice responses to texts and the like. However,

App Spotlight: Thrillist Rewards

People like being rewarded for the things they do, whether it’s something as small as a gold star or as big as a bonus at Christmas. If those things tickle your fancy, then it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to assume that being rewarded for simply opening an app on your phone would

App Spotlight: Nosh

Many services out there rate restaurants for people. While useful, the main issue that can arise is that after picking a suitable restaurant the diner finds out they have no idea what is on the menu. They didn’t ask for a lesson in French, they just want to eat. With that in mind, some app

App Spotlight: Romplr: Remix

Ever listen to a track of music on the radio and think, “this sounds good, but I think I could do better.” That may be true, but how could you ever know? It’s not like you have a quick way to quickly remix music on hand. Well if you truly want to give it a

App Spotlight: Citizenside

Ever think to yourself while leafing through a magazine “hey I’ve taken photos like that before, why can’t I be getting paid for this?” That’s actually a very good question. More and more news programs are using pictures taken by the public. Even governments are looking for your help, the Vancouver riots as a prime example.

App Spotlight: ChannelCaster: Social News

Sometimes it’s hard to sift through all the boring news to finally get to the topics you care about. Even if you specify what it is you’re looking for, the likelihood of not getting additional useless topics added to the few you actually wanted to read is low. That is why many app developers have

App Spotlight: Gigbeat

Listening to our favorite artists from a recording is great, whether it’s through mp3 or CD. However, there is nothing quite like seeing them live, feeling the excitement ripple through the crowd roars its approval after every song and chorus. Then of course, there is the bragging rights to be had for actually getting in

App Spotlight: Hide It Pro

Personal privacy is important to everyone made through our creation of things like blinds for our windows, etc. While we enjoy expressing our own opinions, it doesn’t mean we want people being able to see every aspect of our lives. This is especially true when it comes to our phones. For many people these devices

App Spotlight: Pageonce – Money & Bills

Stress is a huge factor when it comes to someone’s overall health. There are ways to remedy this problem like taking walks at night or taking up a hobby. Knitting is supposedly wonderful for the nerves. However, if that’s not really your speed maybe you should look into managing things better so you have more

App Spotlight: Tout

People love to share those important moments in their lives with those around them. Whether it is through services such as Twitter, Facebook, or Foursquare. However, as time goes on, we get bored with the same old tricks. What’s new is normally synonymous with what’s best. So with that in mind, app developers have been