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CTIA Live: Jim Cramer’s on a roll

10:09am Cramer asks Mead why his bill is so high, why is he subsidizing big bandwidth hogs 10:11am Cramer asks Delavega if the spectrum crunch played into the announcement with tnobile 10:12am Ralph: yes, their data grew 8000 percent in 4 years 10:13am Cramer asks Hesse if he agrees with De La Vega, Hesse says

CTIA: LIVE: Jim Cramer Panel onfire

10:04am Cramer is on fire. He introduced Dan Mead as CEO of the largest Wireless and then cut himself off 10:05am Cramer: “why are we so far behind other countries” 10:06am Mead: “we’re not behind we are ahead” 10:07 Cramer to Hesse “how did we get back up?”