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Android Jelly Bean: An Overview Of The Features

The latest iteration of the Android operating system, Jelly Bean (Android version 4.1) was announced at the Google I/O. Not a surprise obviously, since the Google failed to keep the major announcements a secret. Jelly Bean will shortly be available to many Android devices. The Nexus 7, being Google’s baby, has already got the best and the latest Android OS. The other devices which are already scheduled to get Jelly Bean will be the Nexus, Nexus S and XOOM.
So, lets us go through some of the key features that Jelly Bean brings to the war of operating systems.

The Jelly Bean OS boasts triple buffered graphics, extended vsync timing and an ultra responsive touch sensor. This translates to a smoother, faster and more powerful device. The Jelly Bean OS gets the max performance out of the processor. This promises to make Jelly bean, the fastest and the most powerful Android OS till date.

Jelly Bean OS comes will a new set of Application Programming Interface which focuses on new accessibility features such as added navigation buttons which helps in managing hand gestures and also lets application developers develop apps with the standard view, which means the apps will automatically make use of the new accessibility features without the developer having to work on them.

The OS is now easier to use by people all over the world. Apps can now use bi-directional text, i.e, the apps will recognize texts written both from right-to-left and left-to-right. Newer language support and font support such as Arabic and Hebrew. Now, the OS also supports user-installable keymaps.
The notification center has been improved with the addition of new features such as customizable notification center, photos, priority based notification and much more. The notification center can be be easily accessed with a pinch gesture.

App widgets offer flexibility in the form of customizable widget size. Smaller screen size or more widgets on screen. No problem, you can reduce the size of individual widgets to fit the screen real estate.

The contact photos can now be stored with a higher resolution of 720 x 720 pixels. This mean, no worries regarding pixelated contact images while importing them to apps.

Android Bean now offers improved file transfer capabilities. The phone now will automatically switch from NFC to Bluetooth.

A smart app update from Google Play will now lower data usage and faster update times by reducing the amount of the update file. A smart app update is less than half the size of a full APK update.

Voice Search is now called Google Now and its such a visual experience, with images displayed on the screen in the form of tiles to help you make your search faster.

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