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2 Of Sprint’s Prepaid Units, Boost Mobile & Virgin Mobile Win JD Power Customer Service Champion Award

An award that has been won multiple times in years past by T-Mobile, the distinctive JD Power & Associates Customer Service Champion Award, has been given to two of Sprint’s no-contract brands. Both Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile continue a streak of top honors from JD Power & Associates, which named both companies as Customer Service Champions today.

In order to win these awards companies must stand out in both their own category and the other 20 major industries that are evaluated by JD Power & Associates, the countries largest recognizer of top customer service brands.

Each company in the “Customer Service Champions” category is evaluated in five areas. The areas are; People, Presentation, Process, Product and Price.

“We are honored for our no-contract brands to receive this distinction and be included in this elite group of U.S. companies,” said Jeff Hallock, vice president-Marketing for Sprint. “We are committed to customer satisfaction, and we appreciate these external confirmations of our efforts, once again, for both Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile USA.”

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Sprint Post Paid And Prepaid Recognized By JD Power & Associates

Last week Sprint was ranked highest among full service providers in JD Power & Associates Wireless Purchase Experience Study.

Sprint ranked first in the study which takes into consideration people who have had a sales experience with Sprint, or the other full service carriers, in the last six months. Data from web sales, telesales, and direct in-store experiences is all considered in the study. From those sources JD Power & Associates takes into consideration: sales staff, phone reps. websites, price, promotion, cost of service and store facility. Although Sprint was in a tie for first place JD Power & Associates said Sprint led the industry in website buying experience.

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Verizon Rules The Air & Customer Care

The newest JD Power and Associates Customer Service results are in and Verizon Wireless is now at the top. Verizon Wireless scored a 770 which was the highest score in “JD Power & Associates 2011 Wireless Customer Care Performance Study – Volume 2”.

Until the announcement of the T-Mobile AT&T merger the top spot in the Wirelss Customer Care Performance Study was T-Mobile for many consecutive releases.  The study before this announcement had Sprint at the top.

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T-Mobile Tops JD Power Customer Satisfaction Again! and again and again

JD Power and Associates, the top name in consumer studies, has released their 2011 Wireless Customer Care Performance Study part 1. Out of the 9700 sample size T-Mobile ranked the best, again. T-Mobile won the same award last year. Not only that since 2004 T-Mobile has won 11 of 13 JD Power Awards for Customer Care and 9 of the 12 JD Power Awards for Retail Customer Experience.

T-Mobile came in first place again with an overall score of 758 out of 1000, followed by Verizon with a 743 , Sprint had a 731 and AT&T with a 729. The median score was 739.  Although in another recent survey Sprint topped Verizon, JD Power is often considered the biggest of customer satisfaction awards.

While most companies focus on one call resolution, the JD Power survey has found that customers prefer to speak with a live person who can often times answer follow up questions better than an IVR.  They found that T-Mobile does particularly well with routing calls through an automated system and then to a live person that can assist them even further.

They also found that T-Mobile had the highest ratings as far as getting assistance from their website.

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