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Google switching to OpenJDK with Android N

After spotting a code commit to OpenJDK, it has now been officially confirmed by Google that it will use this Java Development Kit with the next major release of Android, otherwise known as Android N. Google currently uses the standard JDK platform, which has also tangled the company in a patent infringement suit with Oracle,

Facebook Reports They Were Hacked

Another high profile company can now be added to the long list of companies that experienced hacking attacks. Facebook just reported that they were hit by what they call as a “sophisticated attack” last month. This happened when a couple of their employees visited a mobile version of a developer website that was compromised. The

Oracle Releases Emergency Java Patch Ahead Of Schedule

Oracle was supposed to release their February security update to Java this coming February 19 but the urgency of the situation made them push this way ahead of schedule. The latest patch called Java 7 Update 13 addresses 50 security flaws of which 44 are related to the Java Runtime Environment of web browsers. To

Oracle Releases Emergency Patch To Java Zero Day Exploit

Oracle has just released an emergency patch to fix the zero day exploit in their Java software. The security flaw could possibly allow hackers access to your computer. A total of 850 million PCs were at risk by this vulnerability which prompted the US government, Apple and Mozilla to issue separate warnings which advised people

Eric Schmidt: We Don’t Need Anyone’s Permission To Use Java

While Oracle may not agree, Google Executive Chairman and former CEO Eric Schmidt said in court Tuesday that they did not need anyone’s permission to use Java in Android. This was part of testimony being taken now in the trial between Oracle and Google. The question of whether Google needed permission to use Java from

Get Jar Gets 2 Billionth Download

Our friends at Getjar have just reached a hefty milestone. They just had their 2 billionth download (billion with a “B”).  Getjar is the largest independent app store around. They serve apps for all operating systems and have had some pretty big exclusive launches this year including Angry Birds and Cut The Rope. 2 billion