iPhone 5 jailbroken successfully

iPhone 5 was announced recently and launched officially on 22nd. The iPhone 5 isn’t a revolutionary phone as such. There are few changes of course, and the main one being the processor itself. The iPhone 5 is backed by an A6 chip which is up to two times faster than the A5 chip but 22

Jailbreak iOS 6 beta 3 with redsn0w

  Apple recently released iOS 6 beta 3 for developers and redsn0w has already been updated to version 0.9.13 dev 3. If you happen to be a jailbreak developer, you can jailbreak Apple’s latest version of operating system so that you can test your jailbreak apps for compatibility. Let’s see how to go about jailbreaking

The iOS 6 been jailbroken already

With the iOS 6 developer beta available, there are many rumours flying around. The newest iOS version has a multitude of features – over 200 of them! The iOS 6 developer beta is available only to those who have registered themselves with the program for Apple Developers. FaceTime over 3G, a Maps application which provides

George “GeoHot” Hotz Joins Facebook Team

George Hotz who goes by the name “Geohot” is well known for his iPhone and iPad jailbreaking, and even moreso for his hacking the PS3.  Geohot got in hot water with Sony and was actually sued by the company for jailbreaking his PS3. After Sony began a full tilt assault on George Hotz, well respected