What to do if Galaxy J3 keeps showing “Emergency calls only” bug, won’t send or receive SMS, or can’t make calls

Today’s troubleshooting article addresses a common issue among many #GalaxyJ3 owners. As described by one of our readers below, the issue has something to do with J3 device being intermittently getting “Emergency calls only” error. If you’re one of the unlucky owners of a J3 that keeps showing “Emergency calls only” bug, this post might help. Today’s

How to fix slow wifi issue on Galaxy J3

Slow wifi issue is a common problem for many smartphone users. In this post, we help a Galaxy J3 user deal with this issue. If you have the same problem, make sure to do the basic troubleshooting steps first like the ones mentioned by the user: soft reset, forget wifi network, reset network settings, cache

How to troubleshoot Galaxy J3 that’s quickly losing battery charge

Hello everyone! Welcome to our latest #GalaxyJ3 troubleshooting post. If there’s one issue that won’t go away with today’s smartphones, it’s the one we are discussing in this post today — quick battery drain. In a lot of cases we’ve examined, battery drain issue has a higher chance of occurring once the device has reached

How to hard reset on Galaxy J3

Though not considered a flagship phone, the Galaxy J3 is one of the most popular Samsung handsets around the world. But like any other phone, the J3 is not 100% dependable and may break from time to time. At times, fixing an issue for the Galaxy J3 may require a factory reset. Learn how to