Can the Pebble smartwatch survive with the big titans?

Kickstarter is still a questionable service, with no guarantee what you are funding will yield an impressive end product, it can be risky business pledging a good chunk of money to a relatively unknown developer, who will then work with partners to make the product. This is exactly what Pebble offered, a unique product from

Apple’s iWatch Obstacle: Moniker Already Trademarked US, EU and China

Just as we predicted earlier this month, Apple is having problems registering the iWatch moniker for its upcoming smartwatch in several countries, most notable among them US, UK and China because it is already trademarked by other companies or individuals.  Just the other day, the final confirmation that Apple is working on a smartwatch came


New Apple patent changes bezel size on device through touch

Apple has always tried to push the bezel of a smartphone and tablet to the limit, maximising screen potential. A new patent from Cupertino may completely eradicate the bezel and bring it back when the user needs the thumb space. The patent allows the user to control the bezel space, for small devices or devices looking to maximise screen

Apple Files for “iWatch” Trademark In Japan

It looks like we may be seeing an Apple branded smartwatch soon as the company has filed a trademark application for the “iWatch” name in Japan. The company is said to have made the filing last June 3 but the records were only made public last Thursday. This comes a few weeks after it filed


Apple Rumoured to Ship iWatch in May 2014

 There have been rumours floating around that Apple will be releasing or at least announcing it’s take on the smart watch next year in May, Apples watch has been dubbed by some sites as the “iWatch” following the trend of there other products. Some analysts say that the release will of the iWatch will not

Board Member Shares His View On Future Apple Products

During a major event for the employees of Intuit, the close friend of the late Steve Jobs who is also serving as an Apple board member, Bill Campbell shared his view on future Apple products. Among the Apple future products that Campbell discussed were the much rumored iWatch and hi-tech glasses that could potentially compete

iWatch Seen By Bloomberg Analyst As A Great Opportunity For Apple

Apple has been experiencing a downfall in terms of sales ever since the death of Steve jobs and especially after the launch of the iPhone 5. According to Bloomberg, most critics voiced out that its new generation devices haven’t been able to satisfy Apple lovers who were expecting more. Apple fans have set such high standards which make

New Wearable Computer Patent Hints at Apple iWatch

[Apple Insider] Apple’s iWatch rumor has picked up serious steam within the last two weeks. After Apple’s iWatch rumors started to surface with each passing day, it was said that Google would create a smartphone watch. Recent photos leaked from Samsung indicate that Samsung is also considering a smart watch with its newest round of