Rumors suggest Apple could be bringing iTunes app to Android

All of the major mobile players have their own music subscription service. And Apple is no exception to that fact. However, with music sales shrinking somewhat, the Cupertino giant is reportedly looking to bring its service to a broader audience, which in this case is Android. According to a report on the Billboard magazine, the

iTunes Radio

Apple adding 500,000 iTunes accounts daily

Apple has one of the largest user databases in the world, second only to Facebook. iTunes currently has about 575 million users connected onto the database, and this number is growing at 500,000 per day. This means Apple could have 600 million within the next two months and could have 1 billion in four years,

Apple Will Not Allow Windows 8 Devices To Get iTunes Says Microsoft

Apple will not allow Windows 8 devices to get iTunes says a Microsoft executive in his interview with CNN Money. According to CNET, the Windows 8 operating system has no trouble running various iTunes apps. But Microsoft told their customers not to expect any iTunes app anytime soon because Apple will unlikely permit it. Well,

iTunes Store

Apple celebrates a decade of iTunes

  The iTunes Store is almost ten years old and on April 28 the company will celebrate arguably one of the best innovations Apple brought about. Back in a time when bootleg and copied CDs and MP3 songs were all the range, Apple stepped in with a collaborative solution to all the problems in the

Internal Memory Storage: Apple’s Next Market Strategy

[Photo Credit: GSM Nation] Apple has done well to bring a 128GB iPad (and soon, a 128GB iPhone) to its current lineup. The memory storage size increase is a positive step for businessmen and businesswomen who simply need more storage for more file uploads, downloads, and other executive tasks. Apple has taken Microsoft head-on with

World of Goo For Android (Review)

Available On: Android, iOS Price: $4.99 on mobile devices Download: Google Play Store | iOS App Store World of Goo was created by developer Tomorrow Corporation and released back in 2008 on the PC (I’m unsure of a release date on mobile platforms). World of Goo is available on the PC, Android and iOS. Pricing

Best Buy Will Give Free iTunes Money To Last-Minute Shoppers

Update: It seems that Best Buy’s 20% off discount has come to an end. Walmart’s deal still stands though. Original Article: If you are an avid iTunes user looking to save a few bucks on an iTunes gift card, Best Buy has a 20% discount available to last-minute shoppers! While you may have to pay

Road Trip 2 Review

Available On: Android, iOS Price: Free Download: Google Play | iTunes Road Trip 2 is arguably one of the weirdest Android games I have ever played. I really enjoy the racing games that are available on the Play Store, so it was a no brainer that I would download Road Trip 2. After playing the game

TripleTown Review

Available On: Android, iOS Price: Free Download: Google Play | iTunes TripleTown is a very unique game. As far as I know, there’s no other game out there like it, which is what makes it a unique and refreshing experience. Triple Town is essentially a puzzle game where your goal is essentially to not run out of

Apple Releases iTunes Best of 2012

Apple has once again released its annual list of the best software that may be downloaded from iTunes. Simply called iTunes Best of 2012, it includes applications for iOS and OS X that have been selected by its own editors. The best iPhone app is Action Movie FX which is by Bad Robot Interactive. This

Prehistoric Park Will Remind You Of Rollercoaster Tycoon [Review]

Available On: Android Price: Free Download: Google Play Prehistoric Park reminds me of old classics like Rollercoaster Tycoon. While not a direct copy, Prehistoric Park does provide some welcome similarities including keeping your customers happy by providing sitting areas, restrooms, drinking fountains and a variety of rides to choose from. I have very few complaints for

Lets Fix The Update Dilemma For Android Devices

Lets just admit it right now, we all hate how slow updates take to get to Android phones. There’s not even a doubt about that. What if it didn’t have to be slow though? What if we could just get the update when Samsung or Google finished it? That could easily work, but it’d take

LockerGnome Android And iOS Tech Blog App

One of my favorite writers and geeks around the blogosphere is Chris Pirillo. He always offers valuable advice to those with ideas for startups, websites, and stuff on how to run a website via social networking. Just recently, he launched the first LockerGnome application for both Android and iOS. Now, people can follow him much

HTC Sync Now Doing Itunes Sync On Some Models

If you’re an Android user and an HTC owner of the HTC Rhyme or the HTC Sensation XL and you keep all of your music in i-Tunes you’re in luck. HTC has added iTunes Sync to HTC Sync for both the Rhyme and the Sensation XL. According to just install the update to HTC

Google Music Store Discovered In Google Music Landing Page

After the announcement of Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich, the next biggest Android announcement to come out of Hong Kong was about Google Music.  During Andy Rubin’s hot seat session with AllThingsD’s Walt Mossberg, Rubin eluded to the fact that not only was Google working on a music store model, but a music store model