Uh Oh Sprint: FCC Demands More LightSquared GPS Testing

A few months back Sprint and Lightsquared announced a $9 billion dollar network hosting deal where Sprint would use Lightsquared’s LTE network to deliver 4G/LTE to their customers, in the same manner in which they use Clearwire’s WiMax service for their current 4G. One of the caveats in the deal was that LightSquared needed to

LTE To Dominate WiMax by 10x Uh Oh Sprint

While Sprint and Clearwire have enjoyed a long lead in the 4G space with their WiMax technology, Verizon, AT&T, MetroPCS, Cellular South and the other carriers across the world that are using Long Term Evolution (LTE) over Interoperability Over Microwave Access (WiMAx) will dominate the 4G space by 2014. Digitimes is reporting that we aren’t