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IPhone 5S Will Arrive This July, Production to Begin in March

  [Photo Credit: Huffington Post] The iPhone 5 sales did not fare better than Apple’s older iPhone models 4 and 4S, according to news sources. Despite what was a rather disappointing iPhone 5 run for Cupertino, rumors and speculation have started to churn again. In December, it was said that Apple’s iPhone 5S and iPad

Qualcomm Could Produce Chips for Low Cost iPhone

Apple is the one company which is always in the news, especially since the past few years. Be it for the launch of the new iPhone or the leak of the same, there’s something or the other happening in the tech world which is somehow related to Apple. And when Apple isn’t in news, we

2 Display Sizes and 5 Colors for the iPhone 5S

In a move that is most likely to be welcomed by staunch iPhone fans, Apple may be planning to make the next edition of the iPhone, iPhone 5S, very colorful and accommodating to different users.  In the past, Apple has only been making the iPhone available in one screen size and at most 2 different

Apple iPhone 5S rumors and speculations

Rumors are among the things that made Apple iPhone 5 so popular even before it was release a little over 3 months ago. While the Cupertino, Calif.-based tech titan has yet to ship its newest smartphone to more countries, new rumors about Apple iPhone 5S started to sprout and it’s getting bigger and bigger each


Apple iPhone 6: Should Apple Bother With a Launch in 2013?

Earlier this month we reported seeing a new iPhone coming down the pipeline. Granted, we don’t know what exactly Apple will call the device, so from hear on out we’ll just refer to the device as the iPhone 6. I’ll come right out and say it: I don’t even want to see this device for

Could This Be the iPhone 5S?

It seems like the iPhone wants to be in the news all the time. Every September-October, it’s in the news for its launch and shortly after that for the large number of pre orders or some issues with the device itself. This is a pattern synonymous with any top-end flagship really, and the iPhone is