iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S price dropped in Walmart

Normally iPhone prices don’t drop until the release of the next edition of the smartphone by Apple, but Walmart has made a big statement by dropping the prices of both the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S. The iPhone 5 will come at $129 with a two-year contract and the iPhone 4S will start at just


AT&T Provides Wireless Emergency Alerts to iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S

Yesterday (June 14), AT&T announced in its blog that it will be rolling out software updates for iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S users with iOS 6.1 or higher. The said update will come with Wireless Emergency Alerts. According to the carrier, Wireless Emergency Alerts are announcements issued by the government. These include AMBER alerts, emergency

T-Mobile Upgrades iPhone 5 Trade-In Offer As Mother’s Day Treat

For people who are looking for a perfect Mother’s Day treat, T-Mobile offers iPhone 5 trade-in for its new and qualified customers according to the AppsGoneFree website. The offer started this May 10, so if you are looking for a last minute Mother’s Day gift, you might want to grab this deal right away. Although

Apple Releases iOS 6.1.1 Update Specifically for the iPhone 4S

Apple is historically known for good products and more than decent after sales support. One aspect of after sales support is software updates. Since the inception of iOS, Apple has been pretty quick to negate flaws if any with the help of software updates. As newer iterations of iOS emerged in the market, the frequency

LG Electronics Slides Past Apple in Smartphone Market

[Photo Credit: CNET] Apple has been given a favorable name in the tech world by Apple fanboys who claim that all the negative news about Apple’s image and popularity is nothing more than hearsay and false propaganda by those who dislike Apple. This is simply not true, if for nothing more than the fact that

Samsung Galaxy S III Most Popular Smartphone in the UK

Smartphones today require more than just brand value to sell in the market. While people have been fairly favorable towards the iPhone over the years, things have begun to heat up for Apple with competitors stepping up their game in a major way. Samsung in particular has grown and benefited immensely with its barrage of


Top Three Cases For Your iPhone 5

The one disadvantage the iPhone has over a lot of Android devices is the fact that the device does not have Corning’s Gorilla Glass. That said, it can break easier when you accidentally drop it on the ground. Accidents happen, and your bound to drop your phone at least once. It only takes one drop

Apple Drops iPhone 4S Price in Preparation for iPhone 5 Release

Retailers and carriers in the United States (U.S.) reportedly start cutting off prices of iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 Thursday, August 9th. While the Cupertino-based tech giant didn’t say the reason the prices of its popular smartphone were dropped, everybody knows it’s paving the way for the release of iPhone 5. A story from The

Review of the iCache Geode Digital Wallet for iPhone

The Geode digital wallet is certainly one of the best startup projects which has been noticed in the recent times. iCache is the brain behind this wonderful digital wallet app that stores securely all sorts of credit, debit and loyalty card details. When launched back in March they made an immediate splash as the best

Apple’s Poor Second Quarter in China

Apple’s sale from the new iPad has been sluggish in the second largest market of China. Analysts have been worried about the performance in the third quarter when Apple’s sales dropped unceremoniously by $2.2 billion to $5.7 billion. Even the launch of the new iPad in China last week did not make a major effect


Update for Galaxy Nexus May Bring It Back to the Market

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus has been under a shipment ban as per the injunction levied by the U.S District Court Judge Lucy Koh. As per Apple’s claim, which moved the injunction, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus was in direct violation of its patents through the use of key features which resembled that of the iPhone 4S.

Cricket Wireless Starts Offering Prepaid iPhone 4, iPhone 4S

Cricket Communications, Inc. started offering prepaid Apple iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. They go on sale on June 22nd giving iPhone 4 a price tag of $399.99 and iPhone 4S $499.99. So far, Cricket is the first company to offer these popular devices pre-paid or no contract involved. Cricket announced its plan on May 31st