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AT&T Apple iPad Hacker Gets 41 Months Jail Time

Andrew Auernheimer, popularly known for his online handle “weev”, was sentenced by a federal judge to 41 months in prison. The sentencing is due to his involvement in the 2010 incident where 114,000 AT&T iPad users’ emails were hacked. He was found guilty on one count of identity fraud and one count of conspiracy to

Will Low Cost Tablets Start Dominating The Market?

Low-cost tablets are on the rise. This is evidenced in surveys and studies conducted by various companies focusing on affordable tablets that are dominating the market these days. The report is based from an opinion column on Time Tech. Tim Bajarin, a Time Tech columnist, predicted that these low-cost tablets will represent about 65 percent

Skype for iOS updated with new features and bug fixes.

Microsoft has updated Skype for iOS which brings about much needed improvements along with bug fixes. According to the Skype Blog, the latest update 4.6 includes the following changes: New, beautiful calling experience One-to-one chats now appear in the correct order Option to select your message as ‘read’ with just a few taps General fixes

CDC’s “Solve the Outbreak” app for iPad

Apps are becoming more socially aware! From new Facebook games that teach users to respect women’s rights to the latest disease outbreak control, apps are moving away from mainstream gaming to innovative social service. New game from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) teaches gamers how to prevent and contain diseases when there is an

Apple improves Textilus for better performance and user convenience

Textilus is an iPad app that lets you create documents in RTF (Rich Text Format), Already equipped with a swell set of features, this app has been issued yet another update, no doubt of great interest and value to customers. This new update introduces new features and improves on existing functionality. First, the app now

iPad vs Nexus 10 vs Xperia Tablet Z : Specs

The Sony Xperia Tablet Z is without doubt one of the best devices that were launched at the Mobile World Congress 2013 that is taking place in Barcelona this week. It’s an extremely good product from the Japanese manufacturer. The device is well built, and apparently is the thinnest and lightest tablet, at least in

Future of the Tablet Industry, What Should We Expect

The tablet industry is currently crowded with all sorts of tablets, but one can’t imagine the industry without the Apple iPads. Sure, there hasn’t been anything new in terms of software, and that’s basically a lot to do with Apple itself and not the hardware inside the iPads. However, other manufacturers like ASUS, Samsung have

The iPad Mini Review by an Android User

The iPad Mini is somewhat of a middle ground between a full fledged tablet and a budget tablet. When Apple first announced the tablet, I wasn’t really excited as it seemed like Apple was desperately trying to make an impact on the budget tablet segment which was dominated by the likes of the Nexus 7

FreedomPop LTE IPad Clip Provides 4G Service for Tablet Users

[Photo Credit: iDownloadblog] FreedomPop is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that uses Sprint’s WiMax network to provide 4G wireless to its customers. Most individuals use major phone carriers such as Verizon Wireless and AT&T, but FreedomPop has an advantage: it can offer affordable pricing, social media tasks that earn you additional data each month,

Apple Might Bump Up the Storage of the Full Sized iPad to 128GB

We all know how widely popular the Apple iPad is. Especially since the last couple of years when there were no competitive offerings by Android or Windows OEMs. But things are slightly different now with the arrival of tons of Android tablets, especially the budget tablets which have shrunk Apple’s marketshare somewhat. This also led

Over 180 Million Tablets Will be Shipped in 2013 Claims Report

The tablet marketshare has substantially increased over the past few years and with good reason. The market which was more or less dominated by the Apple iPad, saw the emergence of the budget tablets like Kindle Fire and the Nexus 7 which marked a new revival (or arrival) of Android tablets on a bigger scale.